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We can do a fight against terrorisim, but we can’t fight the natural disaster that God had be poured on us, isn’t it?

My thoughts on the other day, some weird natural catastrophe that fell on countries that seemingly never will happen on them, and it did.
So what happens if a catastrophe be fall on my country, or maybe on my surrounding areas.
Gee.,. my first thoughts that ran through was my loved ones, running for safetly. That scene my thoughts on it, is the hardest ache.
So my thoughts left that scene and not wanting to continue..

Then If I can’t bear that scene, why did God allow it to happen on His children? Doesn’t he feel the hard ache too? Or He has special plans for His children? I don’t know too..
Surely He feels more heartache than what I had picture and felt?

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The other Ankle of Mine

I was slightly late today and had to rush my walking pace in my wrapped up ankle. The AK rushed me to the sinseh last night to get the fallen ankle to place.
I fell like I was in an ambulance rushing for a cure! Gaga.
We had to rush because of the Destiny dinner that was scheduled last evening, We had another yet dinner at Far East Square Spring Court. I had the 2nd course of main course and rushed for the rubbing..

This is the WINE chicken. Quite a taste..

Bu thanks to Dennis and Bolimo, who went in search and stopped the Sinseh from going back home and to wait for me. Yes, the SInseh actually didn’t close his shop and waited until my arrival. A bit Paiseh leh…

Back to this morning, it began to drizzle and I was mourning, just not when I had my leg wrapped I had to brace the storm ??
Just another slight 10 more minutes would I gotten myself completely WET if I had not increased my steps towards the office.

Going away from this..
This pictures take taken on Sunday night when Bolimo and Dennis came back from their pub session and Bolimo was a little high and speaking quite a bit.
Trying her new goggles in 156

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