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AMI Finals season 7

and the Last AMI Finals..
quite an interesting final couple.
the 2 DAvids

I was looking through last years’ AMI, Taylor… where is he now? never get famous hor..

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Singapore ?? Environment

We had a speaker last noon in our boardroom from the Singapore ?? Environment, and I learnt that they were volunteers helping to keep Singapore Green and shown us an hour clip on the 11th eleventh hour. The reason for these: – we were going to have our Global Day of Giving in Pulau Ubin.
This year’s theme was picking the rubbish getting greener!


Interesting or not huh?
Outdoor activity, sounds alright to me, other than the rubbish, I was starting to imagine what rubbish would the beach have.. Syringes, condoms,…. Rotten apples…maggots, worms… ok I am freaking out at the thought of the disgusting stuff I might encounter!


I learnt that :-

– to save electricity and make a room cooler, the air con need not be on the lowest degree put it to 24 degrees with a full fan blast, is better than having the aircon at 18 degrees. This saves a lot of money.

They brought several brochures and books for us to be familiarize with green-ry… and I took a few, including a book on greenery with some recipes, cooking stuff..

In the middle of the movie, I had to leave for another meeting, and I took naturally the book brochures along and went to another meeting in the office room called ”Boat Quay” .

Half an hour later, wee came in whispered to me,

“The greenery cooking recipe book is S$5… you want…””

I told her to take back to the green speaker man!

funny free want, must pay dun want. this is us.

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The Day I was born….

To mark the event I was born like about 30 some years back for this year..:

The going towards mid thirties on the day was quiet with the AK and Uncle Snop wishing and wishing birthday birthday before we fell to dreamland. Because project work was critical, I couldn’t get the day or week off, and work was normal! But it was ok, as long the loved ones are around me.

So the morning I got a large present from the parents placed in the linkway outside our room half moon table. And soon a sms from the mother…

The AK: “” what do you want..””
Sotong: “” YOU!..””
As long the AK is with me..

Gaga hair stand is it .

The Helen got the AK to meet her somehow to pass me the present. Did you know how secretly he placed on the bed when we reached home together?
I think he threw right to the bed without my knowledge and he acted like he didn’t know.
Anyway, thanks trouble the AK and Helen gotten into.

So in the evening, we went for porridge with the parents! It was good, cheng cheng for everyone, good for Daddy’s health to start with and the AK who was still UNWELL but refuses to still sleep early.
How to handle that big boy?

He brought me to get the ankle wrapped, this time the 2 injured ankles gotten the attention!
So it looks I am wearing 2 individual white socks with 2 holes instead of one on each side!

Isn’t it special?

Thanks people for ur wishes,,..!!!

I stole this from Helen’s Blog.. her birthday wishes to me.. View here .. Gaga

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Quote of the Month

Quote of the Month



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