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China Victims

The victims of the recent Earthquake that nobody thought would be that bad!

Imagine this housing, once thought was comfortable happiness and laughter

around this homes, now tored apart!

I’m glad the govt reacted fast enough for foreign help to enter into the state,

unlike Myanmar. Still, isn’t it a sadden catastrophe?

While blogging this post, channel 50&52 is showing the live

charity raising fund of the diaster victims.

so many different sad stories told.. its endless .. where do they start from?

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Concidental Message?

Today seems like a Sunday definitely it is, just that I felt more relax and went about doing things slowly because tomorrow is a Public Holiday.
Its different, A Sunday being the end of the week, starting of a work week and being in between two off days.

Morning we went for the usual church service, except this morning we had a guest speaker. It was an ordinary simple message that I would think had touched our hearts and spoken to us. He had some of us up to pray for our medical problems. Concidentally, yesterday noon bible study with Aunt Jenny was about the same message.

We were tired hot and wanted some foot massage. We ended up in Yishun Blk 930 for a foot massage and shoulder massage which was quite refreshing.
Felt good after that but sooo tired we came home and slept throughout.

Taste of Thailand for dinner., at the Yishun industrial Park. Not the very me, but I knew my parents and the AK quite like the food, so what the hack, I suggested the venue.

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