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There’s always a turning at a point

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished.

That will be the beginning.
— Louis L’Amour

When I got my “o” level results, enough for entries to polytechnic, I didn’t felt the need to give it a try. Instead I went on with my job in UOB the bank branch over beside Centerpoint, continuing in my back room support clerk. I thought it was sufficiently stable and I didn’t need much money.

Then a year passed and I was getting too way too little under everyone’s order, my clerk colleagues, teller colleagues were in the same bank, same position getting a mini increment year after year for 10 over years with no promotion and were very stagnant.

Nobody got promoted, the banks needed clerks more than any thing else., low paying clerks to work for years and years, slogging in a high pace, high earning bank.
So I seriously thought I was done off, that I was going to stay in that bank my life, finished. .
It wasn’t until a few months later, I started thinking…

One day I made my way to the application school to try for my further education that I didn’t bothered to try.

My 3rd choice was chosen : Building engineering and I got a place in Ngee Ann shortly after. That was 1993.

things would be different if i continued in the bank as a clerk,. i probably be a clerk still, probably if i was hardworking a senior clerk,. nothing more…

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Feeling letargic

i must have gone energy low down, yesterday i had tiny bites and evening for dinner, just fish slices to go with.

No appetite, no energy to mouth the food. I yanked at the sight of food.

I believe the stomach is protesting already.

So letargic i was today, i slept pretty early but i slept in the train on the way to work, and i almost could doze off anytime of the day now.

Gaga tired tired…

maybe also its the first day of the working week

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After the Ak shown me several pictures of the now Dubai, my first impression of the city was like a heaven, all high tech modernly constructed.

It was just superb nice. I thought i wanted to plan my next holiday over there.

Even the hotels are so grand posh and near the sea.
It looked just so fantastic! One room costs AED4000 which is

Live rates at 2008.05.20 04:20:36 UTC
4,000.00 AED = 1,491.13 SGD
United Arab Emirates Dirhams Singapore Dollars
1 AED = 0.372782 SGD 1 SGD = 2.68253 AED

ok not exactly quite affortable!

see the international Hotel

And Burj-al-arab is said to be the BEST HOTEL in the WORLD!

check this out

Dubai City guide!

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