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DoG Day

I fell really uncomfortable after our Global Day of Giving the next day. Either it was over heated hot or I was just not really felling well.
Still uncertain, I haven’t been been to work since, been on Medical Leave since.

The DOG day was tiring, arrival in Pulan Ubin, the first program was picking rubbish along the beach, and I say it was full of Rubbish. I picked one Garbage bag full of sorts rubbish, One thing I picked was a medial cough syrup, can’t see the date though but I saw it was in Toa Payoh Clinic.
Thank goodness that there weren’t any sand flies though.
After one Bag full, I was totally exhausted with the recent heat that is scorching upon your skins, waiting to dehydrate it.
So I rested after the first program while the others went on to Program 2 where they had the trail walk.
(haven’t been to the office, haven’t seen the rest of the photos….)
Thus, the lunch.
It was good, it took more than an hour to cool down, even though we were already under the shade, the heat was toiling.

Program 3 was tree planting.
I nearly fainted under the heat walking to the holes to plant the over 10 trees.
Digging and planting and watering!

My camera photos so far..

Arrival at Pulau Ubin

like the “Wu shoa Nan Yang”… “‘arriving in the island like that…..”

this is the National Park office where we rested during the breaks.

Agnes very the tired .. after the trail walk which I didn’t participate

Lunchie time

Big HEad

Fish not Sook Hock, Not Garoupe…

LOok at the Large Claw

Agnes took it!

This is the scene of the tree planting before we started.

We had to take the heavy metal digger to dig a hole to plant the tree in.

the next time i get hold on the rest of the pictures on our rubbish picking.

Apart from the heat, I would think it was quite enjoyable, the heat too over heated

heat had to spoil it!

meanwhile, i didn’t return office after this… conicidentally…

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I’m On Medical Leave Today

I just awoken up. Today seems a array events of doctor’s visits. I been up and running to sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen from Home Yishun Shenton Medical to the Referral in GlenEagles with the AK. By the time I ended my checkups was almost 5pm.

So had a quick “cheng Cheng” dinner and I fell back to sleep immediately until now.
Seems so really tired.

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