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Coincidentally, when I thought I was having medical problems feeling uncomfortable with the body of mine, my Daddy is not having a good time either.

His creatinine. is too urgently high that might cause that kidney to fail in the case.
Its quite a worry of course, I think Daddy didn’t show his worries towards us very much. Old age is evident.
I seemed like a helpless piece of daughter who only sits around hearing and not knowing where to start to help.
Suppressing his meals would seem too cruel caused Daddy likes to eat.
What could we do?
I guess we could lift Daddy up quietly in our prayers which I was rather apprehensive. I was worried the prayers would hit back the opposite direction. Maybe it was meant to be and in the hopes of prayers didn’t pull through, I would be gravely disappointed.
Its confusing.

While that is around, we took a visit to Uncle Kiat who was admitted in hospital during the week for a heart check up because the half heart had a blockage.

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Sichuan EQ

The AK watched live on the China news,
146 hours, the Chinese man was found under the slabs heavy concrete weighted down and when the rescuers found him, he was delighted and keep thanking the rescuers, in mandarin.

“”謝謝 你們 救我“”

They had him on drip while they were trying to remove the concrete. And he requested for coke from the reporters.

He mentioned he had to survived telling himself that his pregnant wife was waiting somewhere for him.

We could see his head and he kept trying to stay awake by talking to the people that were removing the concrete on him.

For 7 hours they took to remove the concrete that was laying on him away and finally they pulled through. He was rescued!
Rescuers carried him to the + and in the middle of the journey on the strecher, the Chinese man passed on and left the world.

海阔天空 – Sichuna EQ Theme Song

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