Singaporeans comments on …ERP

Hilariously true…

in con-junction to yesterday’s frustration to the increasing Pay and Pay…

i extracted this online from yahoo of the comments of singaporeans in this web here !
the emotions of the singaporeans

EXTRACT one or two… :-
estrevo says:

I give UP!!!!
Posted 23 hours ago. ( permalink )

Antivirus007 says:
Its expected… everything goes up, except our salary!!! Soon, there’ll be ERP in residential area too!!! Its just a matter of time..

Posted 23 hours ago. ( permalink )

PIARTA says:
You are right, for all you know in future the ERP operates 24/7. We all know, whenever the government give us BONUSES, DIViDEND etc its a sign to say “BE PREPARED TO PAY MORE”.

Posted 22 hours ago. ( permalink )

chillicrab1969 says:
When our government want to implement something, they don’t listen to voices from us, they just do it !
ERP gentry is just another of their so call BIG PROJECT to cut down traffic on roads. Can you guys recall their previous “project” about COE ? The true fact is that we are experiencing heavier traffic on the road now adays, there are more new cars on the road now, it will take more time to travel from one place to another as compared to previous year. Sign………. Everything goes up…..Bank account goes down……
Posted 22 hours ago. ( permalink )

atrisha_puteri says:
I will migrate to somewhere….. living in Singapore is nothing but pay and pay

Posted 22 hours ago. ( permalink )

blueocean26 says:
wat to say??? I am really fed up with this country! Everything is money! Everything goes up but never go down. . They do whatever is deem right and to their benefit. Everything they do is only for themself. Say its for the benefit for the people not the truth!!!!!!
More and more cars on the road. Everywhere is ERP. and the prices keep going up and up. Complain of less commuters on the train, so they increase the price! But have they seen the peak hours of the train??? Its so pack that sometimes we have to wait for the 2nd or 3rd train in order to board!!!

mycomputer_2002 says:
You all really too much. We have such a good government yet not happy. Still complaint. Later they angry and built gantry for people too. When U walk pass the gantry, nid to pay too. Den you noe, dont play play with the government.

Posted 17 hours ago. ( permalink )

search_navigator says:
What to do, we are living in a capitalist state $$$ … bottom line here is all about dollars & cents …. The rich will be richer & the poor will be poorer /:^( … And the poor will be the “slave” for the other 20% … You know what I mean.
Posted 17 hours ago. ( permalink )

boom12 says:
Ah… my solution is …goverment should restrict only 50 cars to be imported in 1 year… than you will see the car population decrease in 5 years by 30 to40%…Than put COE at fix price of $50,000.. Than tell the car importersOR …. why collect money from the people… are we the scapegoat….of the conjestion problems…

Posted 17 hours ago. ( permalink )

more here !
the emotions of the singaporeans……

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