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Uncle Steven’s Home Team Chalet at Pasir Ris

We spent the weekends over at the Chalet, staying pretty late in the morning drinking and chatting.

This was Uncle Steven’s organised Chalet for his Company gathering. it was a large chalet with 4 bedrooms upstairs.

The first night over at the chalet,

the AK was too heavy for the toy, it reached right to the ground instead of swinging him

Lamb chops, very nice

2nd night over at the Chalet, the AK was the BBQ man wor

late high into the night with 3litre Bottle of Martell finished

Aunty Doris and her family

Cousin and aunty

Uncle steven’s staff

Uncle steven staff

from the bedroom

upstairs in the hall

have to ask beck if the fly was there. Look its weird having

a large fly over her head. I didn’t remember seeing it

I’m Feeling: Very tired now..

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Elated its Weekend


I’m Feeling: Great!

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Benji is all upset when i pretend

The doggie got funnier.
Each time I pretend to try to attack my parents and grab their legs to bite, Benji goes all ho-ha and jumpy, barking and barking towards me, trying to get me away from my attack to my parents.
So the latest play was these.

We get all excited seeing him so upset and worried.

I’m Feeling: Innocent

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Money not Enough 2

Hey this show is better than 12 lotus, although there is lots of comedy, there is lots of tears too!
Wow liew

Neo productions team brought the sentiments out of people, that is nice.
Especially talking about the “EPR”” and prices increases of everything. HOorayY!

Mummy daddy went together with us last evening for the movie too.
It was good!

I’m Feeling: Teary again

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Me got a Call from excolleague

i GOT A CALL from my ex- colleague. it was nice hearing from her!
After a much hassle, she managed to locate me.

Sweet and brief, gona meet her soon!

I’m Feeling: remembered!

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Do you remember having lunch at Primary school

My Selection: Primary School lunches:-

Do you remember eating lunch at school?
– I can’t remember a thing, queuing up buying or the price of any of my primary school canteen food. I can’t remember
I only can remember buying stationery at the stationery shops, hanging around the stationery shops and getting rubbers. Erasers i mean!

Did you purchase your lunch or bring it with you?
– I doubt i brought any lunches.

Did you carry a sack or a lunch box?

If you had a lunch box, what was on it?

What was your favorite school lunch?
– BEE hoon. it was only bee hoon. Or maybe i didn’t eat. Still hanging around the stationery shops getting pencils. I can’t remember my school lunch still!

What was your least favorite menu item?
– should be Malay food.

Do you remember any of the cafeteria staff?
– Yes one old woman, image vividly in my mind wor! and it was the Malay staff in the canteen.

What friends sat with you for lunch?
– think we had to sit with our buddy for the first few days, later, it was
vague. should be as a class group sitting in the canteen, lone benches with long wooden tables.

I’m Feeling: Stupid

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Cooling weather to sleep in

What a nice weather to tuck yourself under the covers and sleep..

Splashing heavy pour!!! Early in the morning.

I’m Feeling: Lazy

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Some woman really have no brains

Oh I remembered.

During the lunch today, I was watching the channelnewsasia on the discussion


“Why women remain single in Singapore these days. “


Flying Dutchman and a few ladies seated around him

All the ladies were in some well known professional or rather,

spoke rather technically something like

– Pressurized at work

– Scared of men

– no confidence in men

– Blah blah blab

until came across this WOMAN

Teo ser kee (cant get her name whatever, not the right spelling)

You know what she said ?


“” oh nowadays guys never open the car doors for ladies!

They should open the car doors for ladies..

its so un-gentlemen,

the men nowadays DUN OPEN the car doors for ladies.

They should walk one round to open the door for the ladies,

even if the LADIES are driving…



Wow liew, please lor

I think this Teo was the ex-ms long time ago Singapore.

Please lor, are you sure LADIES ain’t legs and hands to

open a door?

Why should men open car doors for ladies,

What a stupid statement to make on national TV in Singapore.

Couple, man and lady, go to each respective side of the car and

open their own bloody door, get in and drive off.

What ……WOMAN NO HANDS TO open the door meh?

then reach home, the girl must sit inside the car and wait for the guy

to switch off engine and close everything then go the lady side and

open the door meh?

what a dumb statement the professional made!

What ERA we are in liao wor!


don’t open door that why the womEn nowadays

don’t get married is it!


Feeling :


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I feeling hungry after lunch

And so because it was heavily pouring and my lunch kakis today not in the office,
I rushed to the coffeeshop right opposite to grab fish soup, eagerly finishing it!

Then as at now, I still feel so damn hungry!

NObody to share my hunger pang with. no jasmine, no agnes..



Hungry wor…

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can you remember yourself back 3 years ago then

u might find yourself in here



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