I sent a Bangladesh to court …

And then when I was 17 years of age, in AMK, after my work in the Bank at the train station!

As I was standing at the escalator moving upwards towards the bus interchange, a Bangladesh man gladly had his bloody hand grabbed on my buttocks and walked away as soon as we reached the top! smiling..

You knew it!!!
It was not a Brush!

It was an intentionally grab and it was a few seconds grab, not a swift brush!

He walked away very fast! smiling away!

i didn’t know why i did that but I knew I was screaming and shouting and I was already chasing this Bangladesh man! I ran and ran,
Towards the center of the interchange, I got him!
I grabbed his hand and refused to let him off my grab, screaming and shouting (VERY LOUDLY) that he had molested me!

Goodness! All the bus conductors, people all came towards me, grabbed the fucking (gain-rice) Bangladesh man and pushed him into the office and called the police.

Police came, 2 cars.
one to bring the (gain-rice) Bangladesh man , and the other, me!

We went to the AMK police station, for a while,
I had to attend the court TWICE, because the (gain-rice) Bangladesh man refused to admit,

he was afraid and crying

At after the last minute, when I was to appear at the witness stand, the (gain-rice) Bangladesh man plea guilty and he was BANNED never to return to Singapore again.

i still had the letter from the police till today!

it was funny thinking about it.

And I wonder now, if I had the courage from outerspace then.

and I wonder grabbing buttocks very shiok meh?


si bay deprive must be!

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