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Did you watch the Bejing Olympics?

Did you watch the Bejing Olympics? If so what was the best part
YES! I liked the Swimming!
YES! I like the Gymnastics!
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Stranded in Phuket

its weird hearing from Mint that our friend is stranded in Phuket and its a work day today.

Gee,. i would be panicky!
tsk tsk

I’m Feeling: stranded for her

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I’m a small small girl..

I stopped to think and I realised i thought of nothing.
Cause it’s only Monday and things are going to change soon. I thought maybe i should get alive again, kicking in the whole wide world, still the Monday gets you especially when you not feeling too well and very belittle.

then i feel small small little thingy in a world ..

Then i gave in to my tiredness. .still very worn out from the weekend.

Yawn..i could do more sleep..

I’m Feeling: Small

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