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our Tv Rackie

was going through the tv rackie in our roomie, at a random i snapped the unprepared tv rackie for a post.

– “Golden Bride” on the SCV on plasma tv on 10pm

– unused clockies

– the magazine made “containers” me and jasmine did during the bored sleepy days in office

– Mummy just bought “American Ginseng” for my ‘alertness”

– Marlboro mentol light with lighter

– my hair clips

-Ginseng Sweets

– toothpickers (screwdrivers)

– dvd-ssss

– my card holder

– scv settie

yes………. a little bored..

I’m Feeling: a little nothing to do…

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The View from my table office

From the room we are sitting

The table

and this mornign when i remembered i heard DHOBY GHAUT station, i suddenly went to Zzzz land and landed in Raffles place.

Climb a floor up, waited another 5 mins for another train back.
Wasted my early time!

I’m Feeling: heehee

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