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How Ang Mos view us

this is cute.

i was going through survey questions

they did a survey in our ‘Ang Mo’ office and see what the response is


Singapore comes from the Malay word “singapora”, which means:

Land of the Tiger 53 count 37%
Lion City 36 count 25%
Little Warrior 23 count 16%
Tiger Island 32 count 22%

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Its Cold and Hot at times here…

its weird!
at times, i could feel tremendous heat overwhelming me then its cold!
nah its not that kind of sick, my body heat could keep me warm when i wear the sweater and i start to feel hotter and when it not wore, its chilly!

today is kinda of cold, my walk to the office is quick at 5 mins!

i woke so early at 5am and then, i laid trying to sleep some more, but couldn’t so i kept watching the CNN….CNN..CNN..

hemm i might have started to miss the AK and family….
its 950am now….

I’m Feeling: Cold&Hot

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