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I’m missing my chinese food already..

As i was telling the AK,
i could smell chinese food everywhere
its another weird thing!
yesterday i thought i could got the aroma of “chao tao kuay”
and just now in the training room

i thought i smell of “ginger black sauce tender chicken wings”..


Maybe someone here was ACTUALLY having it..

I’m Feeling: Greedy already

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I missy…darling AK.

gee im starting to feel a little missy!

still i started waking up in the middle of the night,
3am by 5am
i was awake!

the AK?

so i walked to work pretty early.

And I was the first to arrive in this LARGE OFFICE!

its weird, that afternoon, i was walking along the street and some beggers were on the floor begging.

some beggers were chatting and i walked past them, this begger ran up to me and checked the timing from me!

i had no watch so i “ti-com” a timing for him, and quickly walked away..
fortunately, a business man happen to walk pass and the begger turned to him

I’m Feeling: Missy

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