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Today the weather turn for Colder

its just too cold today, the freeze cold wind that penetrate right into the skin in the morning when i walked to work,
so thank goodness
i had my jacket
still the office inside was a little bit better!

think the weather is getting cold…
I’m dreading to walk out!

I’m Feeling: Windy Cold

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"White Rabbit Creamy Candy" from China also tainted with melamine

and i thought i was proud of beijing olymics, to think the other china counterparts had to destroy the hard work the others put in beijing olymics, the image what would the world see them

I’m Feeling: MAD!

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Tau Tao Gao!

and then of course there is the big head stuff dog….

huggy huggy

I’m Feeling: girl-rum

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My Weekend in London

its another work week isn’t it, sigh, to me I’m just starting the Monday while the people the other side is ending it!


then my weekend was missing the DARLING AK, the parents and BENJI who was pacing up and down and barking whenever the AK and my mother mentioned my name, so they said!

while in the homesick state, the AK got me verbally to leave the hotel and do lots of sightseeing and so i DID for 2 DAYS!

i took the tour bus and alighted at places i thought might be interesting for my sight!

and i had shopping yesterday, a 0.1 fraction of it compared to Bangkok definately, but i was happy enough to pass whale away the time!

i bloggie more when i am back!

missing missing!

I’m Feeling: a little tired already

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