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AK got ripped off steak price of S$38…

We slept an entire 2 hours after dinner last evening.

Oh oh before that happens,
i was craving for Ban mee and darling took me to Yishun when Botak was.
Yes we had botak just 2 days ago and the steak craving urge was so strong, darling AK had another steak.
The young botak workers recommended the VERY DAMN GOOD steak to him and he instantly saliva!

too bad, he didnt asked the price
S$38.50 for a Special botak steak, almost simliar of what 4 of us took 2 days ago, botak sirlion at
S$12.80 each

Must be damn good then, we thought.
Yeah it was really really good, but think again, the S$12.80 botak steak was just as good.
we would rather get the normal botak steak at a cheaper rate.
coffeeshop for S$38.50, a plate of special botak steak!

well, at least we tried.

and then i forgot what i wanted to blog about the entire 2 hours sleep liao!


oh yes i saw the header!

Right The stuff dog is back. we slept an entire 2 whole hours and my mother brought home the Tau Tao Gao, left him at the main room seat and he was left alone outside the main hall the whole evening..

Until i awoke,
screamed for joy and he was as WHITE as ever!

I’m Feeling: joyous

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darling ak meme

This is entirely cute:

What is his name?
Darling Darling…

Who eats more?
Darling AK eats twice much more.

Who said I love you first?
Both la!

Who is taller?
He is much more taller 1.5head?

Who’s more sensitive?

Who does the laundry?
Me again

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Me nearer to the wall….

Who cooks more?
Not more. Its darling AK that cooks all the time…

Who is more stubborn?
I would have to say he is.

Who has more siblings?
The AK!

Who wears the pants?
We both do…

What do you like to do together?
Laying and watching DVDs, butts heated at coffeeshop seats and chatting…

Who eats more sweets?
Darling AK eats GINSENG sweets

How did you meet?
Ahhh… in shanghai..

Who asked whom out first?

I’m Feeling: funi

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5 things to meme

the 5 things meme.

I’m supposed to reveal five things you don’t necessarily know about me, and then tag five others who should do the same.

No.1 —

I talk to my tau tao all the time, everyday, when i wake up and he talks to everyone that sees him.. he talks all the time, and i mean ALL THE TIME as long as both of us are together…..

No.2 —
I like washing clothes, i washed OUR clothes by hand, and SPIN them in the machine if the load is too much. i does washing and ironing at least 2x a week. Sometimes lazy ….
but basically, I don’t mind doing it. Its not a chore to me…woa woa

No.3 —
i have more than 20 pairs of shoes/shoes/shoes/ but only about 2 pairs that seriously fit and last me the walking days.
can’t seemed to get hold of a shoe shop that sells a perfect fitting shoe that i feel 100% comfortable with so far…

No.4 —
I don’t take breakfast. or you could say I hardly take breakfast and its during the weekends I take breakfast with darling AK and the parents. And i can’t eat much at breakfast, because i take 2-3 hours to completely be open to food when i wake up, so .. that why i can’t eat much when i wake up in that 1 hour…
I think its just me or my body.. its weird too…

No.5 —
This is my 6th job
Spare parts refrigeration company, Architectural Firm, Banking, Reinsurance.

Not considering part time working at Northpoint during the Poly Holidays… for 2 season. me station at Northpoint, Helen stationed at Centrepoint..

I’m Feeling: I know myself too.

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I wanted to post a HAPpy Halloween and after much thoughts and conviction, i decided not to endorse it! yes, of course, i knew that this is the satan’s day.
its not just the “ang mos’ ghost spirits day….its more than that.

therefore, the conviction flowed so greatly inside, nah i don’t want to be part of this celebration, even if it meant, everybody is doing it, for fun for disco or also dressing up. No not helping the enemy to celebrate his day! Althought it was fun fun thing to do now, NAH!


then to pen my thoughts down!

Caused I remember the true meaning of it and adverse effect it had on people and Christians.I doubt Satan truly celebrate Christmas too or good Fridays, in fact he turns it into EASTER eggs and “” satan”” or SANTA Claus making people truly forgetting the true meaning.

I’m Feeling: for GOD

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Tau Tao went for a bathe

the stuff dog went for a bathe yesterday morning. Dragged him off the struggling bed and to the hands of my mother.
Its weird last evening without him around to disturb and play with.
Then was also worried about the laundry handling him,

What if they scrub too hard
Be careful with the eyes and nose, its falling
What if they lose him


This is uncle snop I had for 11 years…

I MISS him already!

I’m Feeling: girl-rum

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Horror Movies

we laze at home for the whole day doing nothing, doing nothing but

watched a total of 4 DVDs.

4 horror movies…

it was just good to do though!
suddenly i felt my mind all filled with horror ghostly stuff!

I’m Feeling: horrified

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1night in Bangkok Disco

incentive for the thais…
the darling AK took his thais for drinking on Deepavali eve in the Bangkok Thai Disco.
its was very thai, the flower girls are thais, so thais…except the waitress that DIDN’t understand a word of English!
thai singer
ak thai friends
carol & me
thai band boy

thai girl singers
other 2 thai girl singers
darling ak chi gu pek

it was okay except i got drunk again.

I’m Feeling: fun

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Weird formation of clouds

We were at the crocodile farm buying some meat for soup and for kakis when some men in the car were snapping away picture of the clouds.
Then the darling AK looked up.


the signs of a natural catastrophe it seems.
yes during the tsunami or earthquake i think, before it happened, the news reported of clouds split just like these this afternoon !
exactly like these

then we went to prawn farm to gather 1kg of live prawns for our bee hoon dinner later.
the clouds were still in marshmallows form….
dark and split

normal or another tell-tale signs…

I’m Feeling: Numb

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Family tiers

its family time again, and then i thought
yeah i definately spend more time with the family ever since the darling AK came into the picture.
He got them involved in our activities every other day.
He organised dinner lunches, drinking session short trips, kelongs.. blah blah.

yeah i definately learned more of my parents threfold then ever before.

I’m Feeling: Blesss

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We went Malacca ..

Yup i got to post my pictures at the long last.
The last weekend Sat & Sun drove up to Malacca in 2 cars with the family and our kakis.

shopping for goodies


over at the Portguese restaurants by the beach

Bamboo CLAMS

the rows of restaurants

we sat by the beachie

Trishaw outside the hotel,. darling ak made me sit inside. So scary

Equ Hotel

Jonkers street side …

it was terrible-bly hot and humid. the aunties gave

up after half an hour walk

at one of the nightclubs with horrible girl singers that kept looking

at the high ceiling top (tv with wordings)

but our company was good enough to keep us cheery and merry

the family didn’t come except kakis

night time drinking 40 bottles of tiger

the 2nd round of 4 tons of beersss

then the next day late rise to breakfast at Equ hotel,

then more shopping and then set off back to singapore.

it was Peranakan food, the family brought us before the drive back to


tata! Short trip during the weekend

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