Getting slightly cheap toileries from People’s Park

I finally had time to sit and do some personal computer stuff.
The last few days… Was hectic in the office. SO hectic I didn’t realized I ignored my bloggie totally.

And then I’m at the weekend already. Hurray shouts of yesterday.


Is all about drinking coffeeshop and eating. Then if I don’t write my journey I won’t know in a few years times to look back. Then bloggie is also about a bits and pieces of my life diary.

So yeah, again, last evening, we jio the kakis to 156 for some brandy,

Hemm…. actually was daddy who jio-ed them on Thursday for drinking on Friday. Parents the last to arrive after the cousin’s son wedding.

and quickly the Friday night passes so damn fast, blink of the eye?

cry! sob sob!


If you been to PEOPLE”S PARK, you would see……………

Me and Mummy grabbing the groceries off the shelf, like free like that lor,..
People’s park hawker 2nd level selling super cheapo stuff.
Pads, Listerine, shampoosss body lotion……… BLAH BLAH BLAH.


WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

Its not just cheap, it was super super cheap. (how could it be so cheap? I saved S$5 on a bottle of hair lotion… , so i took a few bottles….)

We grabbed until our arms were full, no more space.

“” nevermind never mind take some more, Daddy should have cash too.. “”

Daddy passes by: “ no I no cash on hand too..”

😦 😦 😦 wow liew……………..

go go Check check got NETS OR NOT

Daddy quickly went to check other counters..

have have

Another round… yeah PHEW there was a nets counter !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Feeling: Ah Soh

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