Daddy’s Birthday 2

And our food rampage continued just on the 3rd day of new year with Daddy’s birthday makan in Jumbo serangoon Gardens with his brothers and sisters.

the food was sedap, very sedap!!

If we are talking that recession is in town, you will never believe that word in Jumbo, its simply PACKED, every tables are fulled.
So despite the CROWD, and the FOOD is simply good and GOT standard,
then its GOOD!
we had TWO , 1 litre bottles Corden Bleu and FINISHED all in 3.5 hours.
that was cum our desert.

me via aunty kimy


act cute

wow fabulous. let me introduce for those who doesn’t really know this dish.

Yes it peking duck skin wrapped


its one of my favourite dishy

S$8 per bamboo. large juicy BAMBOO CLAM!

Ji Ji Seow seow Uncle steven
the birthday boy with his WIFey
what is this?

I’m Feeling: goody time

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One thought on “Daddy’s Birthday 2

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