Can u remember this story??

I was watching the american idol last night and wondered about the courage of the contestants.

Then I remembered back in secondary school, (can’t remember the source of the story), either I heard from my tuition teacher or in some news but I know it happened in Singapore Examinations.

There was the essay examination and one of the given topics was

“Talk about courage”

And this particular Student chose this topic.

What the student wrote in his/her essay paper was these 6 words, JUST THESE SENTENCE!

“This is what I call courage.”
In perfect English, no grammer mistakes and spelling mistakes and the student submitted in!
Just 6 words
If I am not wrong, it was one of the ‘O’ level examinations, because it took about a few teachers to grade this student. After a few discussion….
they decided to pass the student, despite of not reaching the number of words mark!

Was it you?
Dont try it. Its not always the teachers are so ticked!

I’m Feeling: haha

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