Giving Mummy more treats for her birthday

March birthday treats

this march birthday treats, one after the other , including the mummy

Over at Lemon Grass at East Coast after workie,

Tom Yumy soup

the 4 in 1




prawn cake

parents favourite fried fish

must have in Thai Food

Durian Rice desert

Very nice.

After dinner, darling Ak and I went over to

Temasek Club for the 2nd birthday lady Molly

cool and calm night.

Ak Face why so dark and red.

Not the drinks.

He went fishing consecutively for the last 2 days

under the morning and afternoon sun

with Benji Botak

With Tiger


the following day,

the colleagues & I went to Swensen



Susan &


Happen to be Quek’s Actual Birthday

so we took his IC and submitted to


to get a fire ICE CREAM FREE!!!!
Swensen giving lunch time crowd 1for1,

so we paid 2 price lunch deal!

During Tea time, the boss bought us cakes in
celebration for Quek’s Bday in our renewals panick.

Evening: to King’s Tien Court

4 of us to continue makaning –
Mummy’s Actual Day.
Tian Chai Cooked the dishes
and it was
so deliciously nice

so deliciously nice, i forgot to snap pictures
this is the almost finished
Soon HOCK!
herbal chicken soup with GeoDuck & Ginseng

Prawnie… yummy

Exterior of Tien Court

Down to Connection to for light drinks with
Tien Chai.
Tian Chai is our chef for darling AK & I
happy day …

darling reddy face with Tian Chai

So cute my parents
on the other table
milan and alfred

a kiss + the birthday slow song
romatically sang
the other table came over to wish
the mummy

I’m Feeling: birthdays birthdays

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