Daily Archives: May 2, 2009, 2:16 PM

Time passes so quickly at coffeeshop.

When i thought back of the hours you sat at coffeeshop, i got a shock.

and it was just yesterday, surprisingly, when you start to chit chat and share stories,

the time passes so quickly, it was 5am before we realised.

Last night, me and darling Ak had Daddy mummy, uncle anson and joyce,

tall ben and mr chai at 156 chitchatting and drinking till 5am.

then we witness a far away Indian table that nearly fought.

funny caused its really funny.

May Labour day was nothing unusual,

we had our relaxation at 156 which was good. chuckle chuckle.

Time passes very fast when you are in good company..

then this morning we went to visit our dear friend ricky-rick

with my parents for wan tan mee..

I’m Feeling: drink and be merry

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