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Sink Piping burst in Toilet

its scary when in the middle of the night, the sink pipe burst on you.

i just came out of the toilet and continued our games online when we heard a loud tsunami crashed that came from our toilet.

scary scary so i took a peep and the sink pipe burst totally. water oozing out from the piping.

So the darling AK had to do the repair right now, meddling in the middle of the night..after he off the main water switch outside the house.

and it had to burst right after i used the toilet. Me and my mechanical hands.

Tsk tsk

I’m Feeling: tsk tsk

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Chinese way speaking…of English

How do you pronounce

Cordon Bleu.

Pronounce correct way – GOR-DENBLUR…blur as a soft tone

Last evening at the dinner auction with darling AK uncle steven aunty kim parents, the old man at the stage was trying to auction out the GOR-DEN – BLUR but

Either it was on purpose or
He used to pronounce it like that

COooooooo (with a drag of Oooooosss)

CooooooOOooooo- de – bue…..

“”” CooooooOOooooo- de – bue….二 百 …. » » » ’’
“”” CooooooOOooooo- de – bue….三 百 …. » » ’’

Every time the Cor-don blur was for auction, we heard the

CooooooOOooooo- de – bue

Gagag !

Chi-vas is pronounce SHH-VAS – for auction the chinese shouted “Chee – Ba …Chee Ba “

“””” Chee – Ba “”“””” Chee – Ba ….二 百, ….二 百 “”


Martell is pronounce MAR-TELLL – chinese say….

“”” MAR- TEH … “”

“”””MAR- TEH … “”“”””MAR- TEH …….二 百, ….二 百 “”

I’m Feeling: coffeeshop talk

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