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The Best I Could

Subhas Anandan

I’ve been recently engaged in reading “The Best I could do” by Subhas Anandan that was recently published. Also it was darling AK that told me to get it the moment the book was released and I did, and I took to read first before the main owner did.

And it inspired me so. The fact that he wasn’t born a silver spoon, the fact that he struggled so very much more than I thought, the fact that he was imprison in Singapore yet he came out a great lawyer…. All because he went for what he knows what he wants, with all his determination to do the best that he could for anyone, the fact that he despite noone.

Subhas wrote about his life right from the beginning as a student how he was bullied how poorish he began, how teachers brought him to life and how some despise him, and it was interesting about his student life, because it made me think back of my past and you start to recall the adults that treated you poorly… and I did thought back, tons of it. With giggles.

I supposed it was his life his struggles and that he went through stormy days that brought him to where he is. That everyone should deserve a proper trial.

Some chapters of his cases and his life in prison (framed by police and he made no qualms in mentioning it) were cut at some point, making readers wanting to read on more I guess… but I guess that is about the most he could write.

It also feature his 15 criminal cases that he dealt with, Huang Na with Ah took, the 1 eye dragon and the worst criminals he faced. He did!

Yes readers wished he wrote more. He is a good writer, that he brings you into his life into his story…and you feel it, simple and yet interesting and inspiring.

Its a good book!

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Winner Kris

Adam Lambert (L) and Kris Allen.

While it seems to me the majority supported Adam for his wonderful voice, and posture and singing and stage performance,

i was otherwise.

for some weird reason..

Furthur updates: i watched the 6pm at Starworld, for the finale for 2 hours,

and i must say i thought this finale was the best idol i ever seen so far.

It was good, entertaining and very special unique!


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