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My Dog all weak in his legs….

We had durians right after dinner last evening, especially good for me when I was craving for buttery stuff in the afternoon already.

Then down at 156, AhChai opened the bottle of champagne in celebration but actually it looks like he was more vexed then celebration mood.

Update – Benji’s legs collapsed yesterday for a while, when Daddy came home, he laid flat on the ground instead of his usual gesture of barking and wagging his tail jumping and irritating you.
He laid on the ground unable to stood on his 4 legs..

Tsk tsk………

I’m Feeling: I wondered how prepared i am… actually…

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While Benji is still quite feeble…

Nothing moves while during the weekends we did lazed at home so much.

That i began to feel more tired and lazy.

Mummy bought tons of chicken for Benji to eat in the evening to see

if we could fatten him up. He is still so mellow quiet, aint any active and boring.

My aunties came to the house, he did a little weak barking, choking on his bark

a while later and went under the chair to rest. He wasn’t any better it seems.

We couldn’t do much, at least I couldn’t do much, as he aged so much and

become weak, sometimes i wished he passed on quickly to avert these pain

he is getting now..and yet its too painful inside us for it to happen i think.


Then Thi-Rak AK and I did a little packing into boxes in our room and

cleared some space for our walking caused the little cramped room looks

very soon like a house storage room.

I’m Feeling: still very mellow

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My Family is all getting old and sickly

Dont ask me what to say recently, caused its not easy to say.

My Parents have been ill recently, with especially the H1N1 virus spreading very not rapidly, the last week, my Dady went for his follower-up-check up at the hospital for his Eye cataract operated eyes. It was recovering well ..

But the night he developed a flu and cough which irritates him so badly. He seen the doctor but the cough persisted. Then my mother fell ill to the flu bug. Her voice was unbearably like a not-man-not-woman voice.
Still, this coming week, they sounds like they recovering slowly as well with the rest they took ….

Then the Benji which we thought recovered fell to his old-age illness again. His bony body was worrying and the sick parents brought him to the vet a few days before and had an x-ray whats-not and the doctor was worried.

“”try this first,,… try that first….”

and we are trying this and that medicine to see if he starts eating and be active again.

I’m Feeling: mellow

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We learned to sing “Rau Rak Kan”

I lost touch of myself. For a while at least.

Thus.. ….


My darling AK has been renamed AKA also as Thi-Rak AK!

Cheerie. nice

Thi-Rak = Darling.

We learned that last evening.

Last evening over at the Thai class, it was simply too confusing already.

Not the writing , but the spoken thai.
The pronounication, hilariously a little but difficult but we will try.
Try our best to brush our chinese accent to thai accent, practice makes perfect.

At the lesson else again, we learnt to sing a thai song. At least, we learnt to TRY to sing a thai song. Not successfully well sung by us.
I think the Kru gave up.

“Rau Rak Kan”

I’m Feeling: mellow

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Internet is Vulnerable

I’m Feeling: …..

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Some man thinks they reek nice…

I didnt wait for the empty train today. and got in a super duber increased fare-price-for-better-service-train-service-SMRT cabin and squeezed in along as usual.

i managed to get hold of the corner pole so i can grab and hold onto as the train went along, along with some others communters…

Then a hand fly passed above me and the other communters head and grabbed the horizontal pole. WORST he was wearing a steeveless T-Shirt, A MAN, his armpit was directly like those on the corner ceiling lights (me and AK recently been looking at), pointing at us.

EEE err SING! I just had to look at his damn face and make an awful face and moved slowly away.

I’m Feeling: Gross

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We could do with so much sleeping…

When we slept and dozed off after the Ultimate show at 9p.m. last night, we thought we took a snooze first for few minutes and wake for the Incredible tales at 1030pm.

We did wake up, but we woke at 1am.

We were such pigs after dinner. I couldn’t believe the amount of sleep we took, chuckle chuckle. Daddy had cooked Fish head soup last night with the 2 fish heads previously AK had caught at the Farm Mart fishing, it was good,.. the soup was good too..

So probably it was so good, we slept so well that at 1am, awoke to do nothing but to catch some documentaries on tv.

I’m Feeling: sleep & sleep

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Weekend@ Johor & Early Father’s Day celebration

We went in to Johor with my parents and tall Ben for the package massage.
3 hrs for MYR128, 2 hours on body and 1 hour foot reflexology.

the Package had herbal warm pad soothing, including the BOWL THAT SKINS you alive and live hands massage and ….

you can add additional stuff if you need, but it was enough.
We added the ear candling for MYR30.

TO ME, it was superb good.

After the massage, everyone felt so light and relax loosen!

Gee, if i have additional cash to spare, i loved to go every week!

Darling AK & Tall Ben did the Ba Kuan!

That’s me at the foot session

dinner at San lo … AROY!

MYR208 ..

5 new year fishes, large prawns, lalasss,

bee hoon, spinach, porky ribs &


this is the BA-Kuan.

Now the darling AK looks like the octopus….

Then last evening, we went to Boon Tong Kee Restaurant

at Balestier

for our daddy’s day, early makan to avoid the

crowd next week.

Yup, we had my parents, Aunty Kim & Aunty Chia

including Uncle Steven & Aunty Doris.

Uncle Steven brought Whisky for dinner also,

so we had to continue the drinking over at his house.

This drinking session on a sunday with my family.

the brotherhood that brought them closer only these few years.

Last night, they realised that they are old and that a few

years left ahead in life, and they are happy that in the recent

years, we had grown closer just like this night,

we spend our time drinking and fellowshiping together.


I’m Feeling: family ties

The weather changed again..

Its finally starting to cool down these few days, with some drops of rain during the weekend…
and i am freezzing in the office today..

tsk tsk

I’m Feeling: the draft of air-con as well

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We drank really early last night @Temasek then..

at Temasek Club with Alfred Molly Tiger and Mi-the-lian

@1am, we adjourned to


I’m Feeling: Mao Leow…

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