Our last week’s 7th month’s dinners

Over at Geylang. “some” “TAN” association i think of my uncle’s,
this dinner we had had no BIDDING, instead it was Getai and drinking and makaning the whole night.

The table we had was just in front of the stagie.

Then we finally got round to snapping photos

Doreen & Gary.

This the Old COW eat new grass was the

compare. (the whole night)

Aunty Kim
This Taiwanese singer was cute.

Half girl, half boy, he sang the duet songs that
had boy and girl and he kept turning
his position.

people that stood outside watching,

the place association.

The Old cow changed pattern.
this is of course, China girl
check out the breast,
then the family wanted to take over
the singing
LOOK at us.
check where the MICrophone being passed around
our table.

Daddy held the MIC the longest.
SInging all the way.

like not enough, the CHINA girl came and
drink together with us.

then it was over.
all high n over.


it wasn’t that happening, at least, we all became kuai and
slow on the drinks.
The special part was the bidding was all in ENglish and
you get to hear the names of the bidders.
AND the FOOD was good!

I’m Feeling: 1 more to go

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2 thoughts on “Our last week’s 7th month’s dinners

  1. when is yr last one?like so much fun…..hey, one of the lady in black n white one, looks like TCS actress, is she?

  2. yeah………

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