our Lunar New Year’s List of Makaning

my list of 2 weeks makaning

Me Company have a company chinese lunch at Ritz on the
6th of the Lunar New year calender.
with Lobster Sashmi to lohei.

thick milky shark fins

24th in Temasek Club for Tiger’s Birthday

A Hongbao for each of us to bring home. Another Lo Hei

I meant take Jacky Cheung on the screen

Tiger’s birthday song

19th Feb was Uncle Steven’s Company D&D at Taste Paradise, China Town.
Also Daddy’s Workplace D&D!
And yes we were invited as well,
this year at a different venue

Daddy’s Colleagues all came over to cheers
with him
and made him drink

4 tables

1/2 abalone for each of us


Cham gou mei 15th of Lunar new year,

Compliment photos grab from Rebecca”
brought to kana one day earlier on the saturday so everyday could makan merrier.
at Uncle Kiat’s house with the Mobile Food server.

Mobile Van Kitchen

Outside Uncle Kiat’s house

6tables of 12

the shocked Aunt Jenny

And this afternoon at the market, Darling Darling suddenly thought of dishing prawn noodle.
So we had prawn noodles for dinner with Aunt Kim & Aunt Chia over now.
He started preparing the soup since 2pm this noon and it was good.
The prawn noodle was as good as it was.

I’m Feeling: ..makaning…

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