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I think i loved my workplace company..

Basically, i enjoy my work very much, but I have only a pair of hands, sometimes i simply wished very much , that the work came in sequence, so that i can very well concentrate on each individual unique work. but apparantly not in the real world. still, i kinda understand. but really, in some circumstances, when I am really piled to the top of  my head…………….. , even a simple chore, A very SIMPLE chore that only requires the strength and the God’s-Gift-Legs that He has given us, could not be achieve  by some.. i wonder…

on another note, Ladies are the scariest in a workplace, either they are vicious, back stabbers, or the most caring, lovely people in the world. i happened to have the most lovely ladies in my workplace. I seriously thank God for them. They might not be the best knowleadg-able workaholics in the industry, but we are best to have them, who cares for their staff very much.Co-workers, our HR head.. Its amazing. so much so that we keep some time together, sometimes, to gather for small outings or luncheon, a good one.

so i hoped that we keep it this way, be it any new colleagues that might come along, that fingers-crossed, NO BACK STABBERS PLEASE!

I’m Feeling: warmth at work

ps. just had the most satisfying hard boiled eggie for supper made by my lao-niao Mummy!

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Nikki says happy daddy”s day to daddy

Tried as much as I want to, I couldn’t just sleep. My mind twirl round work thinking and pondering , and wondering so thought of playing with my daddy-gift-phone. Hey last week we took this of nikki boy while daddy tried to tied this tag around his tail. Ever since Benji left us almost a year, Nikki has opened up and got ever so close to us. He has become less coward, more expressive and more adorable definately. Muack muack.

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My 1st Sunday meme..

I’ve did Mondays to Fridays meme from the daily meme steal but not a Sunday ones. So since i am stucked to the room and bed..

Its labelled the Sunday Stealing:-

1. What curse word do you use the most?

kan or nb…
2. Do you own an iPod?


3. What person do you talk to on the phone the most?

my darling THIRAK of course !

4. Do you still remember the first person you kissed?


5. Do you remember where you were on 11/9/01?

oh yes, i was at my khatib home room

6. What was the last movie you watched?

Sex & the City

7. Has anyone ever called you lazy?


8. Do you ever take medication to help you fall asleep?

yes why not?

9. Has anyone told you a secret this week?

yes.. she did (smirk)

10. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

his clothing

11. What are you looking forward to?

its a secert…….

12. Do you own any band t-shirts?

what is band t-shirt? oh i know, bands as in a band, rock bands, no i don’t own any ROCK band t-shirts.

13. What will you be doing in one hour?

i have to harvest my cafe food in an hour’s time

14. Is anyone in love with you?

yes my thirak darling! and my mother and my father and God and Jesus.

15. Last time you cried?


16. Are you on a desktop computer or a laptop?

i am on a desktop computer. why?

17. Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos?

not any more! i had 3 piercings on each ear, and tattoos are no no from my family. and  i don’t think i want it anymore. grown out of the idea liao.

18. Would you ever date anyone covered in tattoos?


19. What were you doing before this?

answering the question before this question.

20. When is the last time you slept on the floor?

i don’t know.. no memories of it actually, come to think of it,.. when?

i’m so fortunate!

21. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?

9hours to be exact

22. Do you eat breakfast daily?

depends. weekdays if i work, i dont do breakfast totally, if i do not work or its during the weekends, the Thirak darling would have to have his breakfast which means that includes me.


I’m Feeling: memememsss


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Bed Bound for almost 2 days

i don’t believe a simple test would caused me to be bed bound for 2 days, why didnt the doctor advised me?

after hearing feedbacks from people that gone through this, apparantly, they felt exactly the same as me.

i have wasted the weekend, just laying in bed and getting lots of sleep and nightmares.. goodness.

i hope my nextweekend, will be better.


I’m Feeling: uncomfortable now.


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The day the foreign bodies attacked my stomach so bad

I came back last evening failing to keep my appointment with my hair treatment. While I met Susan at the station after my hospital thingy , I nearly collaspe as we walked over to the hair salon. I didnt realize such aftermath impact, after the hospital, I took a long bus journey to meet Susan. Slowly I felt the pain, and I felt so drowsy, I slept in the bus, until I heard the engine go off, I realize I was in a dark bus, quickly I jumped off the almost closed door. I still didn’t realized why I was so tired suddenly. The pain was acting fast in my stomach and I felt fainty and vomity already. So I met Susan. Along the way, I decided I could not go on. So in tremendous pain I felt at the stomach , I could only stood at the walkway and decided to get my parents over who were nearly , thank God. So I laid in bed since last evening at 6.30pm , trying to nurse my stomach onto getting rid of the pain. Hopefully the foreign bodies that were pumped into me at the hospital would quickly subside but it didn’t. Could not stand to walk, could not even turn to my sides on the bed, just have to lie flat on my back in one position. It was the sharp pain that presses on the back at the side on the stomach , everywhere it seems. And I felt nausea. By 930pm, I took paracemol when mummy got me the porridge. And by the time the tribue to Micheal Jackson started I slept already. So I slept dreams until today at 3pm in the noon. I slept do much. Woke up took my porridge still couldn’t stand up straight but the pain was LEss tremendous . Still the cramps were still around, I am stll not mobilized .

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Lulu that saves a life


I guess when you treat a life well, the life will respond to you.

i was just watching this documentary on channel 8 and watched how the pet LULU the pig saves the owners’s life. The pig actually ran in and out of the house while the owner is suffering from a heart attack and almost reaching her death, and ran to the road trying to alert anyone, any motorist that caught ‘her’ attention. And she did and brought the motorist to the owner’s house to show the motorist that ‘her’ owner was suffering of a heart attack, lying on the floor motionless.

omg. so touching and warming.

now it adds to my confirmation of ‘why i don’t eat pigs …’ and cowss…. and…

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Finally my area in the office is settled

Finally, all packed and ready to get to work.
the lunch here is lousy

my workstation view now

My Workstation by the corner.

at this side the view from my side here

the boss room from my station


and its back to work now.

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The Thursday we worked half day

Friday was an off day for us.. because we were moving the stuff to the new office. so to get us out of the way, we were given a day off while the boxes and computers were allocated to the office by the movers and the IT MEN.
On thursday

bye to the place we worked @with the other offices.,,

the old office on the last thursday.

and so on thursday by after noon, we were all doing the last minute packing because we had to shut down sooner for the IT men to get to work.  by 4pm, we made our way to the NEW place since everyone has done their packing.

the new place wasn’t completed yet, there were furnitures not in yet, the final touchups were there yet, so we gimpse at the almost done office only.

My workstation wasnt put up yet.. but i am facing.. will snap on Monday..

the new place..corridor

partial view over 1 side .. that side there

from the window view

hey the view from susan's

Pantry ..

Magazine corner in the Pantry

another view from the centre

the view around me i think.. not sure which is my view already.. tsk tsk

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Mala Steamboat with Yeng

Who would imagine even at a Mala Steamboat the Yeng was craving for would create an argument right even before the Mala went boiling.

when we threw our food into the boiling water, we left it as such.. when we thought the food was edible, apparantly, there was a burned smell and the soup tasted burned at the chicken soup side. So when we notify the CHINA PLUMB MALE waiter, he came over to stir well and scrapped whatever had stucked at the bottom of the based metal hotpot.

SCRAPPED IT OUT? make the soup more burned and a little yuckies to know that he actually scrapped whatever is at the bottom base. So Gina asked to changed the whole soup. the make plumb waiter, heard and walked away and did his other chores.

Another CHINA ELDERLY lady waitress was called to change the soup.

tranlated to english from MANDARIN

” change the soup must pay again… pay extra..” in her china mandarin accent.

“” JUST TAKE IT we drink finish and replenish since there is replenishing..”  Gina said.

“” how to drink the soup when its all BURNED???”” me say.

“you wait while  for me BOSS to come back..””

“‘so you mean we cannot eat UNTIL YOUR BOSS come back la””

argue argue . argue argue some more until Gina nearly over turned the table because the old CHINA lady was getting ruder and talking nonsense. said the boss was outside smoking , wait a while…. .until another CHINA younger waitress came over and changed the soup for us…

the old CHINA lady grumble and grumble..


after the new soup came in we contined our food. it was good, the MALA was CHOKING and spicy but it was good.

THERE WAS NO SMOKING BOSS THAT WALKED In , in our 2 hours of eating there and after that. NOBODY. Nobody was smoking outside, the boss didnt walked in, caused i saw the pictures of the bosses on the wall. the bosses wasnt there. I was hoping to see what kind of MEAN BOSS to make us drink a soup that is so burned. So i was wondering how long we had to wait if Gina didn’t offered to overturn the table.

it turned out that another table had their hotbowl burned at the base as well after that. and all they did was scrapped the burned food from the based. And apparantly its the fault of the material of the hot bowl. Wasn’t good. then the consumers should’nt take accept this sort of soup either.

Mala Steamboat

I’m Feeling: ahahhaah

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On Fathers’ day..

Daddy thought to try the No Signboard at Geylang and i confirmed to him that there was valet parking (as far as i could remember), so we arrived there super early at about 6pm, but the restaurant was already so packed.

so the valet-sss were already so busy and looked very frantically lost and due to the lack of man power , no body could take over the car to the parking lot, and they had to ask us to follow their car, driven by the valet and they drove all the drives back. It took about half an hour later for the drivers to be back at the resturant, can you imagine the journey to the carpark lot (a multi storey lot) and the jam the Geylang is causing.

Anyway,  a little scary though but it wasnt a scam at least, it was alright.

Apart from the awful experience of car-parking , the food was good, i must say.. and quite costly.

AT no Signboard Geylang

Crab BeeHoon, it costs about S$54 this plate but its good.

salted egg prawns. Not fantastically done. i tasted better not that i can cook.

wow. this LALA is really good. we all loved it

it says Champange chicken but taste just like Lemon Chicken.

Happy Daddy’s day!

i think i will go there again for the crabs, if i had the superb SPARE CASH!

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