Wot is our relationship with our workplace?

another sleepless night. i went to bed pretty early but another night of tossing around..
And on the other side, my mind was half occupied with the work. It’s hard to deny how work stress get caught up with us sometimes, so much so that “it” brings itself back right the moment even when you leave the office.

Today, it seriously bothered me pretty a lot, because i felt that i didnt do more to salvage but again, would i have helped a lot. i guess not, i guess not much, but it still ached me when my co-colleagues are totally stressed up, especially when they are such wonderful colleagues and maybe especially, i could do a little bit way more. Tsk myself.

i’m pretty not okay then. somehow, i didnt feel any much better than anyone else right now. why do we sloggy so muchy for work work work? i don’t know sometimes, even though, we know, its no no thingy, but somehow, we know our work is needed so much to be accomplish, that we slog so hard. at times, to kill ourselves, at so many times, to get some ungratefuls that holds knives at your backs, ( not that its happening now, but at my ex company, and we the ex-colleagues oftenly joked about this… yes), and..

Office is – pretty much 8 hours a day work including luncheon, considering the late work nights we need to so much so a month, maybe THE LEAST, twice a week, average a 10 hours a day in the spread of a month per day.

1 day = 24 hours

we sleep around 12am  (FOR THE RECORDS at least, for me and worst for Thirak), wake at 7 reach work at 9 (again for the record), lets say average-ly we spent working hours a day till 7.00pm… assuming

NORMAL regular days hours

including journey to work till end of work till journey back = 11.0 hours

have dinner with THE family and Thirak & cleaning up= 2hours

personal time with Thirak = (lets start averagly, at 8pm) = 4 hours

sleep till next morning = 7 hours. (but Uncle Desmond say need 8 hours or more)

Lets take away the sleeping 7 hours, which left 17 hours a day ALIVE and awake to spent with people.

which gives me a GOOD 64.7% in the office,

11.76% with my family & THIRAK

and a poor 23.53% with Thirak.

that is of course a work day’s life .. excluding the weekends. but WEEKends are to clean the house, wash the clothes and?

where are we? there is a saying, when you disappear from this world, the company automatically replaces you with another candidate, but can your family do with another candidate? no right?

So don’t die for your company.. but in reality, we have to , because we need the money to survive.. contradicting.

then again, if at the end of the day, if the company showed your their appreciation and rewards , i guess at times, it is worth it.

Then again, sometimes, our health cannot take it? I don’t know, actually, its some much of this and that.. i can’t tell what is ok and not.

I’m Feeling: be rich.


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