The day the foreign bodies attacked my stomach so bad

I came back last evening failing to keep my appointment with my hair treatment. While I met Susan at the station after my hospital thingy , I nearly collaspe as we walked over to the hair salon. I didnt realize such aftermath impact, after the hospital, I took a long bus journey to meet Susan. Slowly I felt the pain, and I felt so drowsy, I slept in the bus, until I heard the engine go off, I realize I was in a dark bus, quickly I jumped off the almost closed door. I still didn’t realized why I was so tired suddenly. The pain was acting fast in my stomach and I felt fainty and vomity already. So I met Susan. Along the way, I decided I could not go on. So in tremendous pain I felt at the stomach , I could only stood at the walkway and decided to get my parents over who were nearly , thank God. So I laid in bed since last evening at 6.30pm , trying to nurse my stomach onto getting rid of the pain. Hopefully the foreign bodies that were pumped into me at the hospital would quickly subside but it didn’t. Could not stand to walk, could not even turn to my sides on the bed, just have to lie flat on my back in one position. It was the sharp pain that presses on the back at the side on the stomach , everywhere it seems. And I felt nausea. By 930pm, I took paracemol when mummy got me the porridge. And by the time the tribue to Micheal Jackson started I slept already. So I slept dreams until today at 3pm in the noon. I slept do much. Woke up took my porridge still couldn’t stand up straight but the pain was LEss tremendous . Still the cramps were still around, I am stll not mobilized .

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