Is it a silly statement..?

i have wanting to post this but was so lazy recently, that i forgotten and my memory is horrid too.
just the other day when i forgotten to bring my pass to the office building and left it on my workstation, when we went out for lunch, so when we came back from lunch, the security old man was at the door way.
The same security MAN since day 1 when we entered this building, usually we would greet morning, afternoon and evening. SO he very much reconizes us, or me rather.
so i explained that i left my pass upstairs.

“next time don’t do it” he said.
i was already walking up but when i heard this, i stood STILL and turned around to FACE HIM!

“do you think i want to forget, who wants to ….”
i remembered i was saying like who wants to do it the next time if she can remember… then i walked up because i know i could go on for life if i stood there, and i promise Thirak to control my quick temper…

then again, the statement he made was ridiculous.

I’m Feeling: ridiculouss
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