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Beehoon for supper

our supper after a large plate of char kuay tiao at Shunfu, this is our supper just, mummy cooked the bee hoon together with last night prawns BBq over at the coffeeshop downstair where we failed to finish because we order a little too MUCH!

our supper

I’m Feeling: terribily full now.


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Is the world cup finals tonight,.

is the finals and this year partically I am very discipline with myself, and my cashy, caused in all this world cup season of 2010, me only lost $50 for the championship i bought at the very beginning (BRAZIL so to say),  even before the cup started.
so having the head must always have the tail, i asked aunty kim to bet with me tonight on the winner for our dinner next weekend BBQ food at our place.
she took SPAIN (the Octupus Paul said)
and i took Holland. (other Octupus Dutchy said)

I’m Feeling: 50/50 ah


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