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The day the Sky drizzle nonstop

Last evening, I think we spent our time more on wiping the rain drops residues off the chairs at the hawker centre and shifting ourselves from table to table then on warming the seats.
When it was still drizzling when we arrived at the hawker, we chose a seat under the shelter and had our dinner, the Yeng and I.
After dinner we decided to move towards the open space area, to find out that its still drizzling, so we chose another seat and table under the shelter but nearer the open-space area with tables, so we could hop to the open-space area the MOMENT the droplets from the sky stopped.

And we had our drinks.. and waited.

And the droplets of water did stopped and we moved quickly to the open-space area tables and started wipping the residue droplets of water that rested on the seats, with our tissuesss.

And quite contented, we continued our drinks, and chat and sooner enough, the sky decided to drop more and more droplets of water down on us again,

So we moved inside under the shelter again. So we ordered some carrot cake to munch with our drinks.
The SKY decided to stop the water droplets from dropping for our 2nd time and we were delighted.

So we shifted out to the open-space area table and started cleaning the seats again that had the left over droplets of water from the sky again, with our tissuessssss.

And then we rested, for less than another hour, the sky decided to start pouring already instead of the sending tiny droplets of water previously.

It was good might as well, cause we were about to leave, while Yeng went her way and I took a taxi home.

The lady driver was weird and keep putting the GEAR at neutral. I get irritated when especially taxis does that, to save petrol. The distance of the taxi I am in and the front car is so WIDE a distance, I might have want to call the comfort to complain about it, and she keep going at netural the moment she changed to 2nd or 3rd gear.

Worst off was, she wind down the two front windows, for the cold wind to blow in. but as it was already pouring slightly, the rain droplets, came in from the front window and splashed and burst on my face along the CTE. Can u imagine my face at that time, I moved forward to want to S$%^ the lady driver, to ask her to stop USING NEUTRAL and WIND UP THE DAMN WINDOWS….
Count to 10 count to 10, so I did, and I ren ren ren until I reached home.
I didn’t’ say anything to the stingy taxi driver.

I’m Feeling: water droplets


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