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When the Quiet Office made a noise…

Last evening the four ladies were the last to leave the office and we decided to leave together to the train station, and started to off the lights and checked the door locked and what’s not, when we heard a loud fall from around my workstation area when we were about to exit the main entrance.

Me, Audrey Susan and Irene , were stunned.

It wasn’t everyday that you hear a loud fall in the office when there are no one else around anymore. So the four of us on the lights again, walked towards source of the sound, which were also near the meetings rooms…

We started to try to shut the meeting room DOOR by itself to see if it WOULD made the fall-noise we heard earlier on and no, and decided the door of the meeting room couldn’t have made those weird fall-noise.

Then I asked Irene maybe if there were workers in the computer room stucked inside earlier on. Haaha, so we walked TOGETHER and opened the computer room and noone was inside. It was freezing instead!
I think my hair was slowly rising expecting any moment, someone might just pounce on us behind.
Checked the back door, nothing and I checked my filing cupboard to see if any files have collapse, nope, it was all neatly standing and smiling.

So we left, still in a daze to the noise.

It couldn’t be the expansion and contraction of the walls and bricks which made only a crack sound especially on sunny days..

This morning, when I arrived at work, my side ROUND table, I noticed,,….
My HEAVY METAL duty PUNCHER has fallen to the ground, caused by the effect of the large files I have placed right beside it, the files were flat and not standing as I have initially placed it before I left.


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