My body stopped me from cleaning

I take joy in making things especially clean n I told
thirak, if my body could withstand, I probably do cleaning 24 hours
without a rest! But of course, not! Just yesterday, I did my
kitchen just like every week, but I did a more through in depth
clean n shrub doubly harder on the tiles n in depth places not
unseenable. It pleases me very well but I only managed half the
floor kitchen, including the wall tiles, and all the cabinets…
Then I managed to get the bug”s paper in replacement of the old
ones and only managed to get a few drawers n in cabins changed! In
all 7 hours in the kitchen! Which was alright but my body was
slightly aching by night fall!! Hoho ! When you are at work, you
don’t feel it….

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2 thoughts on “My body stopped me from cleaning

  1. jean


    Good job……

  2. Thanks very much for this distinct post; this is the kind of read that keeps me on track thourgh my workday. Been looking around for your site after being sent to it from a buddy and was thrilled when I stumbled on it after googling for a while. As a demanding blogger, I’m excited to see authors like you taking initivative and supporting the community. I would like to comment to show my appreciation for your blog as it’s very encouraging, and many authors do not get acceptance they deserve. Will definitely come back and will recommend to others.

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