The Ladies Destressing at LunchTime

using the excuse, of either work destressing time or that traditional fact that on the 7th day of the Lunar is everyone’s birthday, all of us went to the destress boutique..

Nah, it was TO satisfied the WOMAN”S appetite….

Us getting the damage

Us getting the damage


The Happy Staff that earned quite a bit from us

Our shopping spree over at the shop. Us, the ladies in the office that went down after lunch, Esther, me Irene Susan Audrey..

Trying and fitting into the clothes, that the sales people kept pushing…..  in 2 cubicles, that 5 of us shared in.

In and out of the cubicle to view the mirror, in the Clothes that we fitted on,  trying to look pretty in it.

Because the mirror was outside the changing cubicle, 5 of us were practically, parading in front of the mirror.

In and out of the cubicles. It was like a market, with the noisy staff, throwing us tons of the clothes, ONE after another.

this is is nice.. looks good on you…..””

” this one good for you… small SIZEEee…””

“”this one big Sizzeee.””  ”This one sexy….””””

All trying to make us look prettier in the clothes.

Fortunately for me, some were too large, some were too gody, some were just not me.

But the five of us still walked out with a bag each.

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