Thingz on my table Meme today..

Things on my workstation meme

do an inventory of the thingys on my workstation meme…

Inventory 1

 1. Photo me and Benji boy

2. Photo Me and  Thirak Darling AK

3. Benji Boy

4. My Tea break snack – Egg Tarty

5. Hot water flask that i filled it up in the morning.

6. The drinking cup for hot water plain water.

7. AKira CD cum Radio CUM IPOD CUM ITOUCH music POD.

8. hidden well being herbs from uncle desmond

9. little Snoopy from long time ago Macs(i think…)

10. Little plastic Snoopy send from ADELINE LAW all the way from Australia last year to the office for ME.

11. Mini Photo me and Darling Thirak .. at a church campy.

12. little scented pillow for the wrist from Mommy.

Inventory 2

13.  LIttle Pig for the wrist (again) from Mommmy… dearest

14. Little Snoopy (from the home collection) unplug from a cushion.

15. Photo me and Darling THIRAK wedding photo

16. Watch my watch from Daddy.. dearest

17. LipGLOSS from Susan Lee

18. Telephone from the Company hohoahah

19. doggy pens/pencil holder from myself

20. Sweets holder / sweets from home… swipe from home the glassy holder.

Inventory 3

21. Big faced dog liquid paper i had 12-13 years ago..

22. Clip lor

23. calender mah

24. cow clip from the ex underwriter

and the girl is me.

I’m Feeling: done on the 3rd march 2011.


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3 thoughts on “Thingz on my table Meme today..

  1. Jean

    Wow, really envy yr desk n area n surrounding n view

    But hw come nothing from me uh?? Mmm

  2. ah hahaha Helen Chai,. because you aint give me anything YET! yet!

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