Renewals are over!

It’s been a crazy month, with over-evenings n dinners spent in the office.. It’s finally April n the renewals are over with post-renewals for a few more weeks before we can take 2 breathes…
In a summary, the work was good and satisfactory after all the hard work n energy put onto it… , dinners take-ins are great except sometimes u grow a little jer-luck with the order-ins but it’s still good when u are famished!
So good you tend to order weird stuff that churn your stomach, just Like yesterday, we ordered take-ins from
Coffee bean!
I had baked rice that was filled with melted butter or cheese, so oily n cheesey but so hungry, I finished everything!
N in less than 2 hours the stomach churn churn churn… Machiam swimming in the oil … Until now!
Until now… Hohooo.

At least 3/4 of the stay-ins nights are completed … Just few more weeks…
So its good when at the end of the night, I’m fully exhausted n days with no american idol, I fall into sleep immediately the moment I hit the bed!

But it superb to relax over my tv entertainment Amercian Idol now!!

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