When your clothes fly…

The building is built in such a way, or facing in a certain direction where the strong wind is at. Probably because we are near the Marina sands – sea or what, I don’t know.

Whenever we walk towards the building where I am working, the wind would be terribly strong and gushing, so much so that, whoever wears ‘any’ type of flare skirt, or a loose blouse, it would blow right up.


Of course when we first shifted over, some of us didn’t know and we got our full blown skirt blowed up right to our face… which was pretty embarassing. Especially when the door entrance is required to be opened manually, so most of the time, you see mostly, any lady that is trying to avoid her skirt being blown up, holding her skirt really tight using ONE hand and the other hand, trying to open the heavy industrial weighted DOOR.

What was worst, in this ‘old fashioned’ building stood some security guards, man and woman, standing near the entrance and at the escalator, I believed they probably witness most blown-up skirt incident, yet they couldn’t laugh but just have to stood still and pretend they didn’t see a thing whenever this happened.

Sometimes, during lunch, you can expect to see a lot of skirt flying , because one hand would be holding the tabao food, and the other hand trying to hold fast tight to the skirt. It be worst if both hands are full with shopping and food.. with no other source to hold the skirt.
Nope the security guards would not assist to open the heavy industrial door at the entrance for you in any way.
Well of course, I had this embarrasing experience once when we first shifted over. Today, because audrey’s scarf blow right into her face during lunch, and we started to remember those embarrasing moments we all had before.
Of course, there is no way to wear the lighted or flare or blowable-clothings on our body during our work days.

I’m Feeling: Embarassing moments.

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