Thirak’s Throat bacteria infection

We were back home when the Thirak AK seemingly was still feverish and more painy in the throat so I dragged him out to the Mount A hospital to consult another doctor.

Somehow I felt the current antibiotics wasn’t helping him a single bit. So..

True enough, the antibiotics that he was on wasn’t enough for him! In fact, it wasn’t meant for his Illness. He hadn’t had swollen tonsils! He was having bad bacteria in the throat.

The doctor had to give him an injection to reduce the pain and to take a sample of the bacteria for culture.

3 days.

We have to be back 3 days later, when the culture results are out for treatment on him.

Wrong we have to be in Mount A every night for the injection before the results are out!


Update: 1 March 2012: Thirak last morning found small spot so like-so-rash on the bodies and it got more and more, and in the evening when we went to Mount A for another of the injection, the doctor confirm that he gotten the CHICKEN POX. so he was given another 10 days of MC with no medication to stop the Pox instead, to let it full bloom it.
A microbiological culture, or microbial culture, is a method of multiplying microbial organisms by letting them reproduce in predetermined culture media under controlled laboratory conditions. Microbial cultures are used to determine the type of organism, its abundance in the sample being tested, or both. It is one of the primary diagnostic methods of microbiology and used as a tool to determine the cause of infectious disease by letting the agent multiply in a predetermined medium. For example, a throat culture is taken by scraping the lining of tissue in the back of the throat and blotting the sample into a medium to be able to screen for harmful microorganisms, such as Streptococcus pyogenes, the causative agent of strep throat.[1] Furthermore, the term culture is more generally used informally to refer to “selectively growing” a specific kind of microorganism in the lab.

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