Sometimes, you just overeat

When one gets too greedy, or when you are surrounded by lots of tasty snacks and food, (or preggy lady), you tend to over eat.

 That’s what happened to us today during lunch when we went over to Marsh for a tasty prawn noodle.

It was quite good, clear prawn noodle soup, which me and Audrey thought was much better than the one at Circular. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Personally, I prefer this stall better. Somehow some ingredient in the prawn noodle at Circular road doesn’t seemed to blend in my stomach, whenever I eat their prawn noodle, the stomach of mine doesn’t seemed to agree very well with it, and off to the toilet I would go after makaning their stall prawn noodle.

Back to over eating, so we took a walk to Marsh today for the prawn noodle tasting and it was good. Good for me and my stomach at least. And prawn noodle usually doesn’t fill the stomach of ours, so we had extra plate of black carrot cake to share.

And with the preggy lady around, she still wasn’t satisfied, so we hopped on to Ya Kun, for toast bread and coffee.

Within that hour, I thought I felt letargic and dozy. Just too much at a go, the whole afternoon seems blury and dreamy. I felt full before , but never so full and bloated at a go. Should have split my sessions!

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