The Men who engineer-ed our new journey.

The Men who engineer-ed our new journey in the next phrase.

Which we had more than expected.  It was all worth every bits.

The bosses Patrick Quek Lamb Pierre were amazing. Working their expertise ideas and putting their team work ideas together for this week for the Big men whom in return were totally lovely n engineer-ed our next phrase our new journey.

Having said that-
I felt ever closer and such bonding with my fellow colleagues n the bosses, I would otherwise loved another word closer than ” colleagues ” if there was one.

Through out these tough period, the help we all rendered to one another was totally amazing.
Emotional and mental support, sharing n encouragment from them from periods of break, they were such a blessing in my and our office life.

The girls  were so totally emotionally bonded n stood by to help immediately at this week’s “critical moments”in the office. We shared our fears our inner most joy n our ugly moments.

It was amazing.  Audrey Esther Aks n Ruth. How can I ask for more? I could not.


And I thank the Lord for them. And the men that made all this possible in this office.

Without them, the bonding wouldnt got closer…

I feel totally grateful to the Lord.








A thousand words.

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