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Finishing the balance drinks at King

2 weeks ago at King’s to finish off the balance of drink Boon and AK left for Thirak’s Birthday.
Only the 4 of us.
and they taught me kungfu that night.

the yishun temple dinner 156. on the next day

Over at Daniels’ house last week for some drinks

I’m Feeling: much drinking …

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Heng’s ROM ceremony

Thats’ us first,
lazing around doing nothing

and everyone else sitting around waiting
and chatting

then the 3-tier cake

then the ceremony at 5pm


reading the love poem to the bride

I’m Feeling: ..the simple rom

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We had a dinner treat all the way from Johor Marketing..

Last evening we had a dinner treat from the fisherman & Aunt Jenny of 156. They bought a lot of FRESH fishes and prawns to cook at 156 from Johor.

And it was really fresh and good.

Plus of course, the ahChai Cook did a good cooking style on the fishes. With AK’s Favourite Curry too…

We all enjoyed the dinner with Daddy & Mummy, darling AK, Fisherman & Wife and Uncle Seng & Aunt Jenny.

After that, a few bottles of Heineken for desert before going home to watch the, Incredible Tales…

I realized that Uncle Bala was seated with Aunty A at the other table. It wasn’t until when Uncle Bala came over and told me that he told Aunty A off.

Goodness.. !!

About telling her that she need to respect people who had respected her as an elderly.

About the weird things she and her friends did.

Anyway, what said was said.

I didn’t intend to make matters worst,
but I didn’t intend to make it better as well.
So it was good.

Chuckle, chuckle…

The dinner was a good treat, it wasn’t often we get treats like that in 156 , because it was always darling AK blessing the aunties and uncles over there, sometimes when they are alone, to have them join in our simple dinner, or at supper just a dish or two for us to makan and fellowship.

We never thought of getting any returns back in our LIFE , not in our thoughts at least, but it’s warmth to feel when the uncles and aunties had thought of us, like yesterday, they thought of us as well, especially the AK to share in, although we didn’t join them in the Johor marketing. It’s not the amount of food to share, not the quantity of food, its their selfless thought…….,made me melt a little LEOW…. i meant, they could always keep the food at home..

Gaga.. chuckle…tsktsk can’t stand myself..

I’m Feeling: A little heart for everyone!!

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Time passes so quickly at coffeeshop.

When i thought back of the hours you sat at coffeeshop, i got a shock.

and it was just yesterday, surprisingly, when you start to chit chat and share stories,

the time passes so quickly, it was 5am before we realised.

Last night, me and darling Ak had Daddy mummy, uncle anson and joyce,

tall ben and mr chai at 156 chitchatting and drinking till 5am.

then we witness a far away Indian table that nearly fought.

funny caused its really funny.

May Labour day was nothing unusual,

we had our relaxation at 156 which was good. chuckle chuckle.

Time passes very fast when you are in good company..

then this morning we went to visit our dear friend ricky-rick

with my parents for wan tan mee..

I’m Feeling: drink and be merry

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Yishun Swimming Pool Temple Dinner

I might have almost forgotten about the dinner we had on Sunday! It was one of a kind with 100 tables for the association near the Yishun Swimming Pool &

We were invited , as the grp from 156 people to attend and makan and be merry.

Just a short distance from 156,

The dinner served liquor Hennessy, weird rounded red wine and tons of beer and soft drinks.

Eventually, the table of 156sss all started liquoring Hennessy, soon with Corden Bleu after many bids of it.

it was Merry except merrying on a Sunday had some restrictions…

then Not forgetting the ahLian, missing ahLian after so many months of disappearance, she appeared at the temple’s dinner as a


Drunk and intoxicated as ever, swaying as she walked….. dropping her things around,

She met us with high excited voice and KISSES all over from her intoxicated mouth!

Face all reded from the liquor she had, I would think.

Soon she noticed more of us, all the familiar faces, became so excited & jumpy, she went around kissing us, especially

Ah Chai!

she was very very funny though.. however, her kissing had caused a little bit of embarrasement to some..

tsk tsk

We wished we didn’t noticed her then..

Smack Smack!

she so funny

I’m Feeling: tsk tsk

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Aunty Margaret’s Bday

We didn’t do anything wonderfully special for food and atmostphere. Aunt Chia wanted to come to 156 to have her craving Ah chai Hokkien noodles and have some drinks with us, with the family.
So we did that in the night, in the downpour medium rain, we all had dinner and 2 bottles Martell with some beers after.

And it was good again..

PS. in the middle of the drinks, we went to a friend’s house to view the spaciousness and layout of his flat.

PSS. then we got him to come down for martell..

I’m Feeling: tsk tsk

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Past Due photos – Lantern Festival

The day before i left for London, we had a mini celebration in 156, for the Lantern festival.

Hung lighted lanterns, those authetic ones, makes the atmosphere very Lantern Mooncake Festival!

that goes of course, with course of food!

I’m Feeling: Festive

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When food keeps coming in..

Very weird. At times, when the family is hungry in the night, the food seemed to have disappeared and we would moan about “should have bought in the evening”.
Then at times like last evening, the AK bought a humongous amount of duck necks heads enough to feed ”100” people for supper at 156.

Just before we were about to change and go for the duckie necks and heads, the parents bought 8 crabies and were trying to steam it in the kitchen happily to bring to 156 too.

So we ended with more supper. More supper to go round as well for the other’s kakis.
As if not enough is not enough, at 12am, the parents suggested bringing the raw SOtongs kept 2 weeks liao, in the fridge for Ah Chai to cook.

I was screaming deep inside at the top of my lungs liao,

Because I was trying to be on diet.


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Doing gossipy during my leave

I had a lazy day doing practically nothing except lazing and eating at home.

NOt surprisingly, the time passes so fast.

While the famous quote of the month is:-

“What Thing”

the world famous snoopy beagle quote!

its good to rest like that sometimes, too much would be too much!

+ some groceries shopping and makan at the central.

buzzz.. i noticed the toto number 05 has appeared consecutively for the last 3 openings..
then the 156 had so much amazingly gossipy real stories, its fun to listen to some at times when we are seated.

then you would think whether the other listeners have ever heard our stories ..
yeah i should think so, caused the whole 156 knew about our trip in Bangkok, or the next destination.
The gaps of people…
maybe sometimes me too… its nice to gossip chat, but of course, to the right person.

Tons of gossips, just recently we had a young chap of age, say 40 agey plus, would appeared in the middle of the morning night to grap a cigerette from the AK, Ah Chai or any available cigarette he could rip, especially on the table of ours.

Sigh.. the people of coffeeshop

there are about 5 people so far that rip cigarettes., from the table of ours and the AK. Imagine, 1 night 5 cigarettes emptied from that expensive box of yours.

why should we feed them an item not neccessary .. rather its more like an enjoyment. I doubt we owe them an enjoyment.

We definately do not owe them!
Sigh. the nerve and dare of them!

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Speaker to 156

It’s the Tuesday and I am feeling free and happy so far after a tense up hot night. But it was ok in the end.!

Daddy was so funny, last night he unexpectedly turned up at 156 with his new gadget of super good bass speaker in line with the itouch and played music all night long in the 156.
The speaker was good, looks like UFO the type that spins round and round in the air like a FREEZE-BEE, but this was un–spinable and its smaller with very good sound.

And after wards, the mother followed behind, and stayed throughout, because she was on leave today.

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