Nikki Boy passing on.

Last night, in the late night, in our outermost reluctance, we brought Nikki boy to the hospital to be put to sleep.

Right after his 4th fits into the day, with 2 jabs of Valium in every 4 hours, the pain we saw him in was unbearable, for him as well as for us.

And when I thought back at the vet’s words, that the cancer had affected his brain and causing him to get into the fits with no help anymore, I suddenly became clear why he started walking in circles recently,

It wasn’t recently that the brain was affected so I suspected, it was awhile already, and the whole left part of his body was affected causing him to only walk In circles, in a circle, as his nerves and movement only recognized the one direction. His left eyes was left blinded gradually, and his left mouth was deterioting. This made me realized that so often he was in great distress and pain probably, but as a dog, he could only sleep and pass on the days quietly with whims and whims at times.

As much as we try to deal with ourself in preparation and delay in putting him to sleep, we never did. The more we try to delay it, for ourselves (actually, because we didn’t want to lose him), the more agony and painful he felt. I knew he was, all the time.

When the last 4th fits came in the night, even after having jabbed him with Valium four hourly, he wasn’t getting any better, of course. The fits he went through was just too uNbearable for him. And painful for us.

Took a slow drive to the hospital, he was in total, weakness and feeble, we took a while to be with him, and he soon felt asleep,,,

We miss him, but we know, if we kept him, for our own selfishness, he would be terrible and awful.

We have shared happy memories together, and this will stay with us inside, Nikki Boy together with Benji boy too. The times of happiness they brought unto our lifes will be kept as memories inside us.

God Created Animals, dogs for us to play with, to cuddle with and charge us over them. I know this was the best for the little dog, but we tend to grieve a while..

Somehow, the Lord gave us a lot of comfort in times of these and i am thankful, that we have Him , to give us the grace and mercy and strength, even in little grieve like these, when we lost our little furry ones.

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The Nikki Boy

Today the Nikki boy had fits.

You don’t know how painful and awfully sad you feel inside until you see it for yourself during when he had the fits and blood dripping out from his mouth, while his whole body all cramped and curled up.

It was unbearable, for me.

When I woke up this morning, rather late today , un-usually late, the parents were at the door sending Nikki boy to the vet. They said he had fits. So I just hear and thought that was it.

They returned with the dog and he felt asleep tired and restless at times, and awoke, walking in and out of the room, the kitchen looking for the parents when they left for lunch.

I was cleaning the house when I heard him having fits again, I came to him while he was shaking and going totally uncontrollable, with his feeble thin body all shaking badly and his mouth. We guess he might have bit his own tougue with his teeth, because some blood came out from his mouth.

I don’t know how to calm him , he managed to get back to normal and couldn’t sleep for nuts, because maybe the thought sleeping causes his fits, for him.

The vet mentioned the cancer Might have gotten to his brains and attack it already.

Of course, I pray the Lord would give him rest and hopefully, painless days for his
remaining of his days.


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Nikki Boy in our care

While the parents was away during the weekend, AK cooked for Nikki Boy’s meals but he just refused to eat. Until the evening, when we have to personally feed him by hand bit by bit, even then, he didnt seemed keen to have his meals.

It wasn’t until AK cooked our own dinner for us, and lure Nikkie into eating using our food as a bait, he started to eat quite a bit! It was quite a relief but I was starting to worry a lot about him already.

We put him to bed to sleep at night, making sure he was well covered under the fan, making sure the fan was not in high speed. 

AK woke up in the middle of one night to check on him.

I checked on him every few times before i doze off.

(I think we were more concern and fussing over Nikki than AK’s chicken pox-recovery process during the last few days…)

 It was quite worrying & sad , personally, seeing him in pain and going blind, then i start getting all worrying and uptight, but I remembered, God is in control in every situation even , little things on earth and i too remembered, that in our little bible studying, overly worrying is not good. If its time, its time. i kinda knew that.

So i prayed, probably seemed silly, praying for a dog, but somehow, I DID all the time, i know God listens to even prayers about little things, things that seemed insignificent to me. i prayed for his pain to be minimise, I prayed he didnt have to suffer much.

Then i remember the sparrow story…..

” God not only provides food for “the birds of the air,” but He also “clothes the grass of the field” (Matt. 6:25-34).

So instead of getting all hyper-worrying and uptight about Nikki’s Boy condition day by day, i rest the case to the Lord, about Nikki Boy and myself.  still. Afterall, its really part and parcel of a life. And i felt much better every time i prayed.


God’s Eye Is On Things We Deem Insignificant

“” Sometimes it seems that God is the only one who cares for sparrows. Cats and birds of prey like to hunt and eat them, and little boys have been known to torment them. Adults complain about how they multiply and consider them pests. Yet, Jesus said, “not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will” (Matt. 10:29). It is interesting that Jesus chose the most common of all birds to teach a profound truth: in God’s eyes, no one is insignificant! “”



The Bible clearly teaches that Christians are not to worry. In Philippians 4:6, we are commanded, “Do not be anxious [do not worry] about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God

Since worrying should not be a part of a believer’s life, how does one overcome worry? In 1 Peter 5:7, we are instructed to “cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” God does not want us to carry around the weight of problems and burdens. In this verse, God is telling us to give Him all of our worries and concerns. Why does God want to take on our problems? The Bible says it is because He cares for us. God is concerned about everything that happens to us. No worry is too big or too small for His attention. When we give God our problems, He promises to give us the peace which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:7).

Of course, for those who do not know the Savior, worry and anxiety will be part of life. But to those who have given their lives to Him, Jesus promised, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:28-30).

There is no place for worry in the life of a sparrow, and no attempt stockpile supplies for the future — yet their lives go on. The point Jesus is making is not that the birds do not work; it has been said that no one works harder than a sparrow to make a living; the point He is making is that they do not worry. Sparrows do not strain to see into a future, which they cannot see, and do not seek to find security in the things they have accumulated for the future

Worry is needless, useless and even injurious (Matt. 6:25-32). Worry, which wears out the mind also, wears out the body. Worry affects our judgment, lessons our powers of decision, and renders us progressively incapable of dealing with life. Worry is a manifestation of our lack of faith in God (Matt. 6:30). We need to learn to be content (Phil. 4:4-13). “”




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Nikki Boy in his old age

The bloggie seems to be the best thing I like about few years back, where you update your stuff and pictures to keep the memories, but these days, with timeline in facebook, with a group of updates you get in facebook, I seems to be more laze about putting post in words in the log.

It seems easiler to blog in facebook these days, but I do noticed that, in months and years to come, it doesn’t help a lot to bring back the memories though.

So it just plain laziness actually to come together to put a quick post in the 7 years of bloggie that I had, I suppose.

Just to summarise a LITTLE,

Nikki boy has been in and out of the vet for the last few months and since then, he got worst with the days passing. Considering the age 14 years of a dog is equivalent to 98 years of human life, he is probably an old dog already. Since its not enough to bring that as a consolation to us, as we see him everyday fading into the death bed. He spent his time sleeping almost all the time with one eye nearly blind already. He is getting quite bony sometimes just refusing to eat.

It is a definate pain to see your pet in painy yet you are helpless.  AS my aunty said, count it a blessing that he has spend wonderful 14 good years with us already. I guess so. I guess that is how God made dogs to be. And we just have to accept that though.

I too remember Mimi and Benji, how they passed away from their own sickness, everyday then, we felt so helpless and sad towards them. But we moved on.

And so, we are, trying to let him eat the most and everything that he can, whenever he wants to.

Unneccessary emotionals. Too painy sometimes, so I suggested to everyone , no more dogs in time to come.

Well, I guess WE too, physically, don’t last forever.



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Remembering my Benji Boy

its the July and just 2 years ago, in July, our Benji boy passed on.

Amazingly, its been 2 long years.. he is still the big boy that is ever so active and naughty, inside me… . Just a little over active and harder to handle than most schnauzers.. super hyper active, we all remembered that.

of course, we have now left, the sole-alone Nikki Boy. I wonder if he remembers Benji Boy or not?

muack muack

this is us, Benji Boy and Me --maybe about 3.5 years ago...

my 2 years ago post of Benji Boy’s last

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Snoopy Background

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The Journey Events we had during 2010

that i have failed to upload.

It is one of those days that i cannot shut my eyes and fall to sleep and its disturbing. might as well, do some work i thought.

so i uploaded all the pictures in my phone and bravo, just too many to place in individual posts here, which i was thinking initally.

So in combination, i decided to place only 1 picture of the event that i can vividly remember and the rest to the photo albums in my multiply, to be updated soon.

To start with,

– We started 2010 with us shifting in to our new found house, finally in January, after Thirak’s constant effort , everyday to and fro, from our parents house to the new house, to oversee the renovation, as well as to add in favour from his own.

and we packed and unpacked to our new house, home…

– with our parents shifting in together with us.

– Of course, in April for our 1st year marriage anniversary…

– And we found our way BACK to God ..very much

God's Love

– and still , very much in our stuff dog and whale, Tau Tao and AhPui!

Tao Tau and AhPui

– with Nikki Still very much in our lifes after Benji left us last year…tearfully..


Nikki Boy

– And me getting a frightful weeks of blur vision, thinking for a period of time that my lasik has gone astray after 10 years.. but God taught me a lesson from this..


the Eye Check up at Marc tay

– With our Office move to the Business area, Raffles and a fanastic view from the working area i am seated, not forgetting the event  F1, opening the office to our families..


The View from my workstation

– Underwriting meetings held in the office, preparing and having meals in the office for 3 days, and then Ku Du Ka @ MBS..


Underwriting Meeting

– Meeting Ahpui Yeng for Lunch during our workweek, lunch hour in ORchard for Shabu Shabu..

(only once i did that, lollll)


Shabu Shabu

– Farewell Lunch for Ladoux that left us very quickly..


Farewell lunch for Ladouxsan

– N Us constantly meeting up during the year for lunch dinners.




– Occasionally gatherings for the ladies.. by us

Ladies Gathering

– at the family’s wedding and Nicolas growing up alert and started walking.



– Dady & Momy 36th Year of Marriage


Dad n Mom

– steamboats we had


Ahpui's cheapy and good steamboat

– Because of the Marathon, everyone was later than us, for the first time. hoho.


First to be in Church

– with Momy admitted in the hospital twice in a week, worrying the Us.. with the doctor unable to find the cause of her fainty and vomitting spell. with another lesson learn from the Lord.



– the Tang Yuan..


Tang Yuan made by ThiRak Ak Mom

– the old lift at the block our home is, was finally covered up and sealed!


Closure of the Old lift

– and the new lift at our house landing .


Lift landing at our floor

– with no Coverage at this view, which initially was intended to fully covered by some complaints of the residents that the view might overlook their balcony.

we voted against covering this view though..


No blockage to our balcony

– We started with Bee choo Treatment with us, then the aunties.. and made it our alternate/ monthly weekend, trip.


Time at Bee Choo..

– the Guitarists of SOLF.


The Church Guitarist

– the songbook of mine that is getting thicker each week


me at the keyboard

– Dinner over at Maureen’s


The dinner of Christmas with the Lord's people

– Knowing

Wine at Daniel

– Ending the last day of the Year over at Long beach, with our paternal family.


Dinner at Long Beach

And so, very quickly, the run through of our journey of 2010.
Am so thankful,
– for God’s Grace and merciess, for my parents and my Thirak AK and my aunties.
– And God’s love that showered us, through the good and the most difficult moments in our lifes,
through His people…WHO love and fear/ed God so very much.. Solf..
– our familes and friends that gave us so much support and stood by us so very much.

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The dog at sleep…

Dog at sleep

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Recollection on the last wkend – Catching up & Nikkiboy

last weekend,
a snap of our tini GARDEN which i realised i havent stepped into for a while,…..

its been a while since i visited OUR balcony

and that evening Daddy’s Godson and Bulimo came over for a dinner and drinks near our place for catchup times.

and end of last weekie. haha

this Nikki boy has been afraid of the camera and phones since we all can remember.

whenever we take a square lookalike box or gadget and place in infront of our eye level, he will start to freak out and start to run all over the place for hiding.

When Thirak Darling AK even do the action with his fingers, doing a square box thing imaginery with his fingers and place it in his eyelevel pretending to want to snap a photo with imaginery camera, NIKI would ALSO freak out and start to run all over the house for hiding.

So we can never snap a good shot of Niki, except this!

he couldn't see we were snaping him

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Remembering my Benji Boy

Remembering our Benji

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