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20 dec 2020

Family favourite

Changi point nasi lemak

Sunday morning

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Catching up

We caught up.

Having meals these few evening together.
Since neither of us were working late evenings, we had our meals in the hubs.

And today we had this fried stir fried Yong Tau Foo.
it’s not ordinary yong  tau foo.

It was the first time for me tonight .

This big bowl mala fried dish is amazingly tasty, I think it entered in my favourite food list. Im drooling just thinking of this dish.

We both enjoyed it throughly, Thirak & me.


And it was good.

Surprisingly good.

So right before we get tied to the late evening work again, we were busy catching up with “The Dreamers” at the the catchup channel at home.


How addictive but it was just so entertaining. I seriously feel this is one of their best drama I seen.

So we spent the last free nights catching up with Watch it first.

Some odd moments we spent out of the ordinary…

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Daddy’s day

Its the international Father’s day today..

We had a dinner last week at the Famous kitchen though . SOMETHING we prefer to have earlier than to mingle with the massive crowd on the actual day.






So, tonight was a walk to the hub with pepper lunch and waffle desert.

A quiet evening while the restaurants & chi cha were more unusually packed, all thanks to Fathers day I guess.

All the more reason for a family get to gether, which was kinda good as well.


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SOLF2013 Church Camp

We had our camp in Malacca. That was on 24 April during the ph n weekends.

There was quite a coordination at first,  as there were the teachers that couldnt fit in to the dates we had initially,  so we ended up on these weekends finally.

Theres pros and cons I guess. The ph n weekends comes with the crowd and jam. But we only had this option, for the teacher/s.

The drive there was severely jammed on the morning.
We were stuck at the causeway for almost 2 hours.
it doesnt seemed like an issue now though but it was a good drive. No rushing just relaxing.

The camp was at Holiday Inn and there were 5 sessions in total.
there wasnt any expectation really, but AK Thirak was always commenting before the camp that he was looking forward to this trip.
well, I guess it says it all.

Convenant with God, Convenant with marriage.

Psalm 89

How do you say? How do words describe what we had felt in this few days of learning from God.
Im my limited vocabulary, God is totally awesome & I believe in our God the Almighty.

Its not how the preacher message that touches you but how God had moved  in you. It iss about how gradually He has changes us.

Its not about what should soothe my ears and heart, but its about the truth, His words to us.

I wasnt zap & changed overnight when God found me. I am only human & still need our Lord for sanctification.  I am still learning and need His very much leadership and guidance in my life. But am so ever grateful that He found me. He found me that were crafted in His perfect plan.

How do we tell people that God is real? We can’t , we will never be able to , unless He tells them Himself I guess..

He is a God that guides and lead me and not the other way round.

So theres goes quickly a 3 day camp we had which we extended another night at Hattan.

We had a amazing bonding moments.

Thank you Father.
Thank you for the safe trip drive
we all had too.














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Summary Updates April May 2013

So what do we have ?

Busy at work
Busy at other work
Busy at home

2 month missing summary..

I had my renewals in April

Our family went to Bangkok and we stayed at Patunam Princess this trip but Ak Thirak and I didnt have enough time over at Bangkok, it seems. I had no idea why, I guess it was Eternal Passion thingy.

Thirak AK got me a new handphone Samsung Galaxy 4 on my birthday last month. He left the pressie right beside Snoopy on my bedside, right until when I was about to get ready for sleep, I found it.

I loved it, until now. But im super anti-starhub now, especially after today’s incident.

The office is undergoing changes.

The koi fish grew really rapidly and one fine day, decided to jump out of our pond…

That night, I had to practise my worship songs and went to the piano when I saw the poor koi struggling irs last moments.  I jumped to call Thirak to rescue the koi and it survived till now. I couldnt sleep that night… i almost cried!
Its been 2 weeks and it looked bigger and healthier.  I was, of course so duly concern, I had the surrounding pond heighten up.
And then I saw 2 new tiny fishes wriggling their way round the  pond last saturday. I was so excited. Till if it managed to survive the bigger fishes mouth.

We had church camp. We drove to malacca. Amazing time I must say.

Posts of the summaries  soon.

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New Year 2013

And we started 2013 with the potluck with the Lim”s at our Home.

And it was an enormous potluck, so huge the camera didnt seem to fit in. Or rather the spread of food was way beyond what our smart phone could capture, at a shot!

Heartwarming , I guess , that all of us took the effort and time to prepare and bring a dish each. Maybe several dishes for some!! And it was totally good, the food the little gestures that everyone shown was amazing!

But it was nonetheless , amazing gathering and we all had a wonderful time, at least ., I had a good time.

And so our countdown stood right at our Home, with drinks cheering and lots of chats and catching up with each other!








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Daddy’s 66th birthday

So quickly the 4th day into the 2013 and it seems we haven’t start anything new though.

While not deeply reflecting into that, it was Dad’s birthday tonight and we had a sumptuous meal. A whole varieties of teochew delights and was totally filled to the brim.

It’s Dad’s 66 year on earth.






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The Family

The Normal Tan family 2012

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How did we get so unwell?

Did I mentioned that the family is unwell? All except daddy.

Mommy was the first to be fluish and unwell, and soon it was me.

I don’t know about momma, but I always have the Uncle desmond’s standby medication for flu fever and stomach. So I managed to quite recover after consuming the medicine every 4 hourly.

By then, Thirak AK was already down with fever and was fluish and gotten the throat infection.

So 2 days ago, the Momma and Thirak AK went to the doctor after dinner.

Mommy had a list of clinics from her workplace so we took a walk to the nearest clinic we thought should have open but when we reached there, it was close.

 So we scroll down another clinic in the list that is opened in the wee hours and made a call first before walking over. It was in the central. The clinic looks and feels a little weird though, personally. But anyhow,the sickly just had to see a doctor.

It has been almost 2 days and the mommy and Thirak AK didn’t seemed to be getting better.

Momma has no voice and sleep the whole time.

 I heard some sayings that if you hardly fall sick, and if one day you do, you kana jialat jialat. Hahah, and so this is what happened to Thirak AK.

Never seen him so badly unwell before. He cannot talk, he is coughing yet he cannot cough cause when he does, the throat hurts. And his fever is up and down, all because of the throaty infection. When it gets swollen, I guess the fever comes.

So the family, including daddy has been on the porridge diet. We separated our makan from daddy, to avoid spread of virus. And we been sticking to the room of ours to get the most of rest for our bodies.


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Family Makaning Gathering over the weekend!

 Because of the ongoing project and in appreciation for it, Uncle Steven wanted to give some makan to Thirakdarling and his partner Mr Boon. So he gathered our families together during the saturday evening to his cricket Club for a makaning session at the restaurant.

Also, Uncle Steven became a grandfather of 2 during this weekend.

We had some good indian nun roti prata satays and assorted makans which was quite good.

At the Cricket Club Restaurantat the Cricket Club rest


at the Cricket Club restat the Cricket Club rest


at the Cricket Club rest



Aunty Kim & Mommy


Ak, Uncle Steven, Boon


Priscilla, Jennifer


Jennifer, Priscilla


AK, Andre

Eating his Nun


Must do dish in our gatherings


Another must DO dish in our gatherings


 and followed by drinks, of plenti, at the lounge after the makan.

Brandys, Whisky, and wine.

Over at the lounge

Over at the lounge


Over at the lounge

Over at the lounge


and just Yesterday Sunday, the AuntyKim brought us to Grand Shanghai for another yet dinner, because she had the discount voucher.

And also, she been trying to bookie dinner place at grand shanghai but its always very packed else having some wedding and ‘not available ‘ for dinner.

So this night, it was finally free for a dinner for us,. and we get to eat the food as well.


This is the DUCK tougue.. arhh... ok,.. i only touch one. i didnt acquire the taste for it..

US !



And the weeki-end was over just like that. 2 dinners gatherings and its another brand new week.
its Good!
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