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AK at Day Surgery

Finally it was today.

And getting closer answers to some of his low hamogobin and tiredness soon, I hope.

But before that, there were some scope-pies and improtu minor surgery.

But it took longer and more painful than he expected.  Sometimes, I guess he still thought he was in his twenties leh.. lol.

Daddy fetched us to the hospital this morning.

There I was with Thirak, feeling totally at ease. The staff and nurses were so connected to you, you would feel so at ease and comfortable at their hands.

The nurses were so filled with love, they didnt made us feel any distance away. They made me feel ashamed …. their concern , patience and love towards their patients, I didn’t think I was capable of showing that to strangers.

Even if it was their job or trained mannered, I must say they did it totally excellent, because I never had a moment, felt that they were acting out their concern and care. They made us feel totally comfortable and I wondered if I was any where near their attitudes…

Aiyo, there was Thirak just awoke from his general anaesthetic moments, talking deliriously and wanting to go home or have coffee or urine,  they were so patient in his moments too.

Having said that, you noticed the wsy they communicate with themselves, so well mannered jokingly and so respected among themselves. That was really them, with or without strangers.

We came back right during the peak hours and Ak was totally exhausted and tired..

I cant guess the pain Thirak had but it seems painy enough for a high threshold man. So lots of sleep and rest for next few days…




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The day when 2 ain’t quite well..

I got really cold sweat at 4pm today. While in the middle of the housework, I was shivering n the stomach cramp badly. Gastric attack…late coffee attack..

Quite disappointing because I had my housework plans all planned straight till 6pm.,…
Too bad, so I rested.

Coffee and branch I had this morning was way too late because it was unavailable till 12pm! Totally famished n bad headache already I guess then so refluxes to a bad gastric …. Argghuuu .

How do you so solve a late coffee? The body goes off with a awful head pain whenever I miss my first coffee timing… Wat’s worst with a late branch , everything hits in!

So it all blends in! Thirak AK was having a bad cough n today develops into a fever too. Not surprisingly, day in n out, the site he is in , is so well exposed to the scorching heat n sun!!

So we rested this evening missing out some family fun!

Some rest might be well soon…

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The Benefit Effects of Crocodile Meat.

Recently more people are becoming aware of crocpdile meat as a health benefit, especially against asthma. Or rather, i seen recently in the NTUCs promoting and selling crocs meat and Bak Kuah.

The benefits of Crocodile meat.


Looks scary?

While some people might not know the benefits and start establishing self-thoughts and hear-say-beliefs or imaginery-effects of the crocodile cosumption,

And while some have actually benefited much from the soup, needless to say, especially the asthmatic patients,

here are the benefits value of the crocs meat.


“ AsiaCroc’s literature states:

Modern medical studies have confirmed that crocodile polysaccharides can aid the formation of a protective membrane on inflamed respiratory tract membrane to isolate it from toxic substances and restore its normal functions. Once cilia movement is restored on the membrane, germs can be removed from respiratory tract. This will reduce the incidence of an asthmatic attack.”

These are some of the Pros and Cons of consuming Crocodile meat:-


“ Compared to other meats and if well trimmed, crocodile is low in fat, low in calories and high in protein.

Trimmed Crocodile can be low in saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fat and is considered a good source of niacin and vitamin B12.”

“alligator meat is also low in fat and a good source of protein 

“Alligator meat is considered to be healthier than domestic chicken, especially when it comes to cholesterol and fat content”

“Croc meat is good for those with asthma and hypertension. Moreover, croc meat boasts of a low calorie count. For every 100 grams, there are only 104 calories, more or less only one calorie for every gram!”


The benefits of Crocs Meat




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Thirak’s Throat bacteria infection

We were back home when the Thirak AK seemingly was still feverish and more painy in the throat so I dragged him out to the Mount A hospital to consult another doctor.

Somehow I felt the current antibiotics wasn’t helping him a single bit. So..

True enough, the antibiotics that he was on wasn’t enough for him! In fact, it wasn’t meant for his Illness. He hadn’t had swollen tonsils! He was having bad bacteria in the throat.

The doctor had to give him an injection to reduce the pain and to take a sample of the bacteria for culture.

3 days.

We have to be back 3 days later, when the culture results are out for treatment on him.

Wrong we have to be in Mount A every night for the injection before the results are out!


Update: 1 March 2012: Thirak last morning found small spot so like-so-rash on the bodies and it got more and more, and in the evening when we went to Mount A for another of the injection, the doctor confirm that he gotten the CHICKEN POX. so he was given another 10 days of MC with no medication to stop the Pox instead, to let it full bloom it.
A microbiological culture, or microbial culture, is a method of multiplying microbial organisms by letting them reproduce in predetermined culture media under controlled laboratory conditions. Microbial cultures are used to determine the type of organism, its abundance in the sample being tested, or both. It is one of the primary diagnostic methods of microbiology and used as a tool to determine the cause of infectious disease by letting the agent multiply in a predetermined medium. For example, a throat culture is taken by scraping the lining of tissue in the back of the throat and blotting the sample into a medium to be able to screen for harmful microorganisms, such as Streptococcus pyogenes, the causative agent of strep throat.[1] Furthermore, the term culture is more generally used informally to refer to “selectively growing” a specific kind of microorganism in the lab.

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How did we get so unwell?

Did I mentioned that the family is unwell? All except daddy.

Mommy was the first to be fluish and unwell, and soon it was me.

I don’t know about momma, but I always have the Uncle desmond’s standby medication for flu fever and stomach. So I managed to quite recover after consuming the medicine every 4 hourly.

By then, Thirak AK was already down with fever and was fluish and gotten the throat infection.

So 2 days ago, the Momma and Thirak AK went to the doctor after dinner.

Mommy had a list of clinics from her workplace so we took a walk to the nearest clinic we thought should have open but when we reached there, it was close.

 So we scroll down another clinic in the list that is opened in the wee hours and made a call first before walking over. It was in the central. The clinic looks and feels a little weird though, personally. But anyhow,the sickly just had to see a doctor.

It has been almost 2 days and the mommy and Thirak AK didn’t seemed to be getting better.

Momma has no voice and sleep the whole time.

 I heard some sayings that if you hardly fall sick, and if one day you do, you kana jialat jialat. Hahah, and so this is what happened to Thirak AK.

Never seen him so badly unwell before. He cannot talk, he is coughing yet he cannot cough cause when he does, the throat hurts. And his fever is up and down, all because of the throaty infection. When it gets swollen, I guess the fever comes.

So the family, including daddy has been on the porridge diet. We separated our makan from daddy, to avoid spread of virus. And we been sticking to the room of ours to get the most of rest for our bodies.


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Some Pile thingy.

1 year ago, when I had my pile mini rubber band surgery, the doctor suggested a rubber band tying (the layman term) that we know. So I did just that.

Of course, when everyone said that for piles, after a while, the pile will resurface.. , I never expected such a quick “resurface” for me. It came back exactly almost a year later, not the same pile but a different pile.

More on the story

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A tossing night

What a sleepless night I had. Toss n turn n toss n turn! It’s like only half asleep n I was trying my best to get into a good sleep because the body was not Feeling good until by 7am I gave up. ThirakDarling was already up n doing his prayer, I decided to quit trying to nap!
For a person that loves to sleep, I was just wondering the reason for my tossing night.
Then I remembered, I took a flu tablet for my running nosey just before bedtime! Thats why I am awake the whole night!
Gosh! Wondered how this day would be!

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Thirak AK’s Left Arm

The Thirak Darling AK somehow hurt his arm’s nerve just by doing nothing , the other day.

Right after he made the dumplings, steaming it hot

And we suspected it was because he tried to waved the ‘hotness’ away from the fingers and somehow hurt the nerve or ligament in his left arm.

Probably it was already hurt from work, and he made it worst by swinging it during the steaming of the dumpling.
He couldn’t have rested enough since the pain was throbbing in the middle of the night and it was just too difficult to rest having the pain increasingly and decreasingly in the night especially.
So, these few days, he was refrain from carrying heavy stuff and using his left hand for too much large movement, least he aggravated it.
We went to the TCM to ‘tui’ it , we sprayed salon pas, momma bought salon plaster.. … he took panadol when the pain was too much to bear.
So it was during this time I realised that I took his strength for granted.. the heavy stuff he had to carry for me, the balcony cleaning and helping around in the house. Now I NEED THE ARM TO BE RECOVERED!

Still he couldn’t resist the mangoes in Uncle Steven’s house. Using his right hand to do the plucking!

Easily step

Trying to reach the mangoes with the RIGHT HANDEasily step


After plucking the mangoes, still so happy

I’m Feeling: yummy.


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My Health Screenings

i was the 2nd to reach the hospital health screenings and the sky was totally dim and sleepy when i left the house.

so when i thought, yay, i need not to wait so long for each tests…

The system in the Raffles happened to be down.. so when i reached..

Hi Ms Tan.. this could take a longer than usual because the system is down and we couldnt pull the tags and name stickers… and…”

Ok, ok, so when i was transported to extract my 3 tubes of blood, i was very happy because i can proceed to the Dining area for the buffet spread… thinking since they warned me about the ‘ longer than usual’ thingy.

after the blood extraction… : ” can I EAT??”” yes yes but you see the doctor first.. the nurse said.

so i sat at the waiting area for a while , then got bored, and went to the internet section … before i put my butt down.. the Doctor called me.. so i went in and for more tests and talks.

i came out and I was pushed to the xray ultrasound dept for more testssss… (quite fast leh.. )

After that, i asked again.. ” can i eat now!!””  so hungry liao. yes you can,.. after you try to get your urine and stool sample.. mdm.. the nurse advise..

so i went to the toilet.. hohhoo.. there were about 4-5 ladies inside carrying the greenish plastic bags with containers for the urine and stool samples. hoho! so i left.. and went to the buffet spread .. “EAT FIRST.. !!””

Buffet spread .. hoho

Happy i can eat, i tried to scope alots of the noodle,.. because I WAS SUPER hungry liao.. but the spoon was so tiny…

the one breakie i had

i gave up trying to scope after 10 scopes, because it was tiring..trying to get the meetaibak onto the tiny spoon and onto the bowl..

.. the nurse came in and said.. hi. ms tan.. after your meal.. you have 2 more tests to go.. . you take your time. ok i said.

overlooking at health screenings while eating

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Renewals are over!

It’s been a crazy month, with over-evenings n dinners spent in the office.. It’s finally April n the renewals are over with post-renewals for a few more weeks before we can take 2 breathes…
In a summary, the work was good and satisfactory after all the hard work n energy put onto it… , dinners take-ins are great except sometimes u grow a little jer-luck with the order-ins but it’s still good when u are famished!
So good you tend to order weird stuff that churn your stomach, just Like yesterday, we ordered take-ins from
Coffee bean!
I had baked rice that was filled with melted butter or cheese, so oily n cheesey but so hungry, I finished everything!
N in less than 2 hours the stomach churn churn churn… Machiam swimming in the oil … Until now!
Until now… Hohooo.

At least 3/4 of the stay-ins nights are completed … Just few more weeks…
So its good when at the end of the night, I’m fully exhausted n days with no american idol, I fall into sleep immediately the moment I hit the bed!

But it superb to relax over my tv entertainment Amercian Idol now!!

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