In the other Life

For Us would meant, external life with God Jesus, for non-christian would meant nether world

Do you remember Bass

Our friend,

2 years have passed very quickly.

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My Dream of Bass new Name

Its really weird how dreams could get you thinking and pondering even you realized it might be just a passing dream.

This morning, I dreamt of Bassie, its really weird, he told me his new name!

There were 2 flashes,

one flashes that he was reduced to little tiny cracky bones and he was fragile small and everyone was waiting for his departure…

The 2nd flashes to Bass healthy and talkative and kept repeating his name, his new name to me.

3 times he told me, and the surrounding KPOs if I might call, repeat his name and made me write down in pencil and paper his new NAME, because it was just a difficult name to remember!
AND I just cannot get the name now to remember… that why when I woke, I kept trying to recall the dream’s BASS new name although it could have seem in-significance and just a dream to some, I just thought my memory could have been better!

Vague name now… so disappointed WITH myself!

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Our Memories of Bass

Songs that link to our minds,

Certain songs across the radio brings you back to the era and somehow relating some memories that were attached to it. Amazing isn’t it how songs just relate to a scene pictures or someone the memories that were kept right behind us…

Like Bass = Soldier of Fortune..

And JUST LAST Thursday DUMB AK got the King’s Band to strum the SOLDier of Fortune. It Definitely brought the link to our hearts and mind and it felt so weird after so long to hear and felt close to Bassie again.

Even that last time we had a BBQ at Pasir Ris and Ricky had his tiny MP3 going going going and the next song was Soldier of Fortune, everyone protested, yelled and almost hammered RICK and requested to the next song. ..
Noone wanted to be reminded!

FUNNY right. Funny how our human sentiments work, how we try to erase, its always stucked somewhere at the back of our minds.

The evening always ends with dinner and drinks and its was at the coffeeshop, for a short drinks last night after the cooling dinner at East Coast Lagoon with the parents. It was disappointment for daddy and the AK and me and Mummy (so it boils down to all la) because NO the famous satay bee hoon and carrot Cake! SO we had beef and rubbish!

Nothing in our favour and the poor AK was super-craving for his claypot rice, smell also cannot smell!

You know those balloons where you blow it big using a small straw and gum… yeah the two big large men, the AK & Ming were busy blowing gum balloons at the coffeeshop for little Henry entertaining him. Imagine this, walking to a coffeeshop and seeing two large men blowing gum balloons and bouncing it to and fro… gaga I had such a laugh last night.
When the gum finished, the two large men utilized the straws in the coffeeshop with borrowed scissors to make whistle from it and were trying to create a song from the straw by blowing it with their mouth.
The little Henry failed to came out some sounds though and he was so well entertained by them, the different modes of sounds, enough to bring the laughter and squeals to himself!

The laughter of the little Henry was so innocent and adorable. + the 2 large old men trying to reminisce their childhood plays……


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Ghim Moh Crabs

It was elating last late noon during our visit to Bassie. Its like visiting an old friend that didn’t met for a long long time. But its funny how heartwarming it brought to my own heart, the feeling that I had, gratifying, somewhat I can’t explain it, even to myself. Wonder if the AK felt it…

One of those times when we woke up rather late and the AK & I rushed to church just in time for the closing of the sermon. Choked with laughter at the previous late nights of course, we had our steamy lunch with our aunties together with the God bless food before heading home to recover our sleep.

They had not enough of us, so we continued our makan dinner over at GHIM MOH, the most famous steady salted crabs after resting few hours at home, I probably was a little too exhausted didn’t get to enjoy the crabies just much! So all of us thought to watch the 881 show and the AK and me went to his uncle’s house (which was only the same block upstairs) to get into the net to book 7 tickets for the show.

I probably wouldn’t have watched this show by myself but ok, since the critics had such good review, and the family seemed quite enthusiastic to watch it, I was gamed for it too.


Me says it was bad overall. The show would have been great without any special powers or fairy-tale-God-Mother story… I mean hey, every part of the show was to a relation to the Getai and why the power-puff girl-stuff?

I don’t understand.

The arguments over at the Getai stage made the scene really ridiculous. Anyone been to a Getai knows, that a production of workers and managers would be in a standby at the entrance. Any arguments seen or first-come-first-served-basis would be obvious to anyone’s naked eyes… The scene in the show made it seemed like there’s no production on stage and whoever is there jumped to the stage and started singing. Want to have argument or fight, make it more realistic to the real picture. It was typically fake, very Stephen chow lor!

If the movie was meant to be a comedy and not a relation the the real Getai world, then the whole story is also upside down and contradictory to the idea of the producer and story line. So at the end of the movie, don’t know if the producer is wanting to have a comedy-castle-in-the-air kind of movie or what he had mentioned, to have a movie to the Getai world or a mixture of both.

I thought it would have be so fine and the tiny flaws or made-to-be-comedy would be easily ignored if the POWER_PUFF_GIRL_Stuff super powers were eliminated!


The 2 MAIN actress and 600 were very good in their acting though, I must compliment!
600 was super hilarious!

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Photos of Bass

Calendar: 21 Aug 2006
Lunar date:- 七月十八

The late Bassie in our thoughts…
Kinda early i thought in his english 1 year death anniversary but since i was at it today, i thought might as well…
N me and the Ak went over to Kong Ming San in the noon today to take a peep at his tablet ..

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Anonymous Email 1 yr ago of Bass Death

I was going through my blog of the month one year ago and came across this email that i posted one year back after Bass died! it touched me though.. one of the cries

Hi Serena,
Some of the happiest days of my life were spent at Chinois Chinois,
listening to Fantasy.
Bass was a damned nice guy, and I was devastated when ********** told me that he had died.
********** referred me to your blog.
I read it while I was at work, and had to go to the Mens’ Room so no-one saw the tear that rolled down my cheek.

I’m sure he will always be there when you need him.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””

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Bass 1st year death Anniversary

If anyone could remember, 1 year exactly ago, Bass went into a coma!
And went to the netherworld 1 month from 21 July 2006.

I still remembered I was in Thailand having the Budget meeting when i heard the shocking unexpected news over the phone that Bass went into a coma in the early morning..
and the night i landed in Singapore, i went straight to the ICU ..

11 months passed by so quickly and everyone got on moved on with their lifes.. in memory of him.

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Missing Bass

And we were having Bass recollections last evening with Bass’s sister over at Ah Heng’s wife’s wake and what intrigued me most was her dreams she had, after almost a year, she said, she finally had 2 dreams of Bass.

1. She watched as Bass was immerged in the soil/ sand and was painfully struggling fighting for his dear life, somehow he got twined in the sand, and he was trying to break free of the sand! Finally when he managed to free himself after much struggle, she felt cool and delighted and relieved! Before she could speak a word to him, he ran really fast, away from her, and she was catching up on him until eventually she realized, Bass was standing in front of a relative’s house, in Malaysia. Everyone was in anxiety as to him being alive but his sister put her finger to her lips, motioning them to ignore the fact that he was dead!

2. Bass’s sister was somehow waiting for “Fantasy” to appear on stage for their set when the first person she saw was Derrick, then Anson, and expecting a stranger instead, Bass was the 3rd to appear on stage for standby! Caught in awe, she was in ecstatic but at the same time, puzzled and woken up due to the excitement in her!

The thoughts of us in missing a person or behind the naked eye, the unexplained….

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Uncle Heng’s Wife Wake

Back home after ah heng’s wife wake. WE reached about 9pm and it had lots of people today! The wake I failed to mention was a Japanese Culture, as in, the Japanese God belief. The first day when we were there, a little earlier, they had the prayers whereby the group of members would gathered to chant the same chant over and over again, in the next half an hour!

Amazingly, the members stood in front of the coffin chanting, holding the beads and in devotion to their gods, in tensed and immerged in their chant and devotion, stood firm in their prayers , for the half an hour. The alter had a covered box in normal hours, only during the prayers session, would the box that had two door, opening in the middle, be opened. Inside stood a stucked on paper written with, what I believed, the Japanese words. They were chanting towards this, which I an outsider thought!.

So tonight, was exceptionally crowded, 151 group and lots the others came and give their emotional support to our friend, that looked indeed weary, fatigued, heartrending and torn apart but showing a manly superior front, in our presence, in everyone’s presence! And in our side glance noticed that he occasionally made his way to his late wife’s coffin, in his sadness, to steal a look at her, sleeping, …… forever…

our heartfelt wishes inside, i know, for him to be strong, emotionally, mentally and physically……

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With Uncle Heng at his lowest

Last evening we didn’t do much except to stay in NUH with Ah Heng and waited for all procedures to be completed before transporting him back to Bishan.
We stopped over at the Police station to have the Death certificate completed.

Truly, when a person dies, how come the cloeses person has to do all these stuff?
To run the errands and make sure all things are right? To get the permit of the void deck therefore you have to go through the police first, to obtain the PAPER permit and the REAL PAPER DEATH CERTIFICATE and its at once! Not the next few months but immediately. In the sorrowful physical and mental state, would the dearest one be able to handle all the PAPER procedures that IS DEEM to carry out the wake. What if there was no friends? What if the friends were unavailable then? Would the beaten, weary person be in a state of mind to run all the errands in order to acquire the PAPERS for the dead?


In times like these, one just have to be strong inside. Some stage that is unavoidable for everyone!

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