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Meaning behind the Roses.. I had

And so last evening over at the Uncle’s House for the 15 day of the Lunar New Year Dinner, which were done earlier because of the weekday thingy,

We were all discussing the valentine commercial day… which were seriously not very well observed with our family, because it is practically not PRACTical, and we all shared the same sentiments, with the restaurants trying to earn the extra bucks out of the ordinary,

That we know.

The surprisingly thing I found out, was, the fact that I didn’t like flowers at all, that I thought it was a waste of time and space to keep, that it was a waste of money and space, to hold it in the house or room is not going to make me any happier after it dries up.

Most of the time, I thought I had a hard time trying to convince myself to hold on the dried up bouquet of dead brown flowers in my room… because it was money spent and it was a gift. So I had to keep it until it bothers me to the core.

But deepest truth, I hate it a lot. The worst part is to receive the bouquet and trying to act happy and surprise and happy.. Hoho that is a chore to do!

So back to the point about my surprise was that my aunties all hated it too. They hated it very much, and very much appreciated more practical and useful stuff than FLOWERS. We talked about we rather receive Beer, than the flowers.
My uncle was funny, he said of course, I hated it, given me a mar-tea.. I would jump for joy than the flowers.
Hemm that is quite true also actuali.

And I thought I was the only one.
And of course, I made this very clear to Thirak Darling since day 1.
But somehow one day, last year, he managed to get me a bouquet, I guess…
And its still laying on the speaker in our room, all dried up brown and occupanying the space, laying down with no sense of decoration and the dried up petals making a mess some days on the floor.

Still, I have to say I appreciate so very much, this rose bouquet, from my ThiRak because, it was the only accessible gift he could get hold of …during then….with all his best ability to give me that Surprise. And behind this special only bouquet, it holds much special meaning for me, his thoughfulness and his ALL.. during then.. that he could present to me, from my ThiRak Darling.

ThiRak’s Rossessss

Just once of this in this lifetime is enough…

I’m Feeling: Rosy


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i’m so amazed & touched at selfless people ..

i don’t believe it that i am feeling it again. In almost every alternate weeks, the energy just plunged  all the way down and the mood, moods totally way off.

and i don’t wish to talk much, even open my mouth but i tried. i tried not to show it too much but at times i know, i can’t, .. nevertheless..

Then in the noon i was asking myself, yeah, that is me, maybe, maybe i let circumstances affect me so badly, i plunged worst.

i rememberd Pastor Chew was saying that is nothing wrong to show and feel the way you feeling right now, just don’t let it affect you too long. maybe so. so i tried.

And then you don’t know how things work with HIM. i am totally amazed at how people selfless-ly pull their hands to grab you, to comfort you in amaZing ways,.. even a message, a concern, their encouragement, their help, even their little Gestures, ….        touches us so … at least touches me sooo much…

a message of concern, a call of worriness..their calls, they pulled you for dinners……..  i was never like that, how come they can extend their love so well and so willingly…. i’m so melted actually., so much that at times, my eyes unknowingly formed droplets of tears.. it is just so touching. the love they shown, is amazing, is beyond words, and is something i know from the Love of God to them to me..

thank you everyone out there.. .

of course our families ,….

I’m Feeling: i thank you..




ps.. duno how to tag this post too..  

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When i saw a different light of my mother

Always I thought I was strong but I realized that I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was afterall, at certain times, I have my weak moments too, and in my moments of weakness, I break down awfully.

in those moments, I shut my mind my brains and I switched off. Unknowingly.
Just like today, with a lost mind, then when I turned beside, my mother was there.

Pulling me like a leash tied to my neck guiding me, directing me.
That’s when it dawn to me, my mother can be strong at times too.

I’m Feeling: …..

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its our 1 year marriage anniversary!

Happy marriage annivesary to darling darling AK and myself!


ps… still too biz to do my posting and my photos posting. my bloggie so sad..

I’m Feeling: …..

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the 1 Year before.

its our anniversary this month as also ThiRak’s Birthday, its hard to miss either one cause its on the same day.

so before i got the spare time to jot time some post in my bloggie,

a little picture to remind ourselves.

I’m Feeling: ..1 year …

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The red dates soup for me..

when i was popping a little more pimples these dayz, Darling AK boiled the red dates…/liang soup for me for 2 days.

if i get to drink it maybe once a week , it be so swell. gaga. Better still, i miss the herbs he made for me for my blood, but you had to get that at a physician stall.

tonight he doing the prawn fritters for me. …

when i thought (AGAIN, and i didnt voice out this time), i lost the tini snoopies, the weekend, we went back to Yishun to complete the house empty when we realised that my ex-room cupboard right at the top was filled with boxes.
We brought them down,
it was all ALL my stuff.

yet again, and ONE large box of my tini snoopies including the whole collection i had from Macdonalds.

when i didnt see this box didnt my packing days then, i thought the best to shutup since it was no where to be found. (maybe it was misplaced, i thought)

So we brought back the large box of tini SNOOPIES, TONS of it with nowhere to display yet.

ThiRak took a few tini ones to display at the shelves the moment he reached home, but there were more tons in the boxes. he was more enthusiastic in getting them out than me, chuckle, chuckle.

I’m Feeling: .hungry..we need more shelves again..

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Sepia Scenes Meme reflecting

Not sepia though but
a long ago photo

i was going through the thumbdrive yesterday and saw this photo i taken with Darling Darling in

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We learned to sing “Rau Rak Kan”

I lost touch of myself. For a while at least.

Thus.. ….


My darling AK has been renamed AKA also as Thi-Rak AK!

Cheerie. nice

Thi-Rak = Darling.

We learned that last evening.

Last evening over at the Thai class, it was simply too confusing already.

Not the writing , but the spoken thai.
The pronounication, hilariously a little but difficult but we will try.
Try our best to brush our chinese accent to thai accent, practice makes perfect.

At the lesson else again, we learnt to sing a thai song. At least, we learnt to TRY to sing a thai song. Not successfully well sung by us.
I think the Kru gave up.

“Rau Rak Kan”

I’m Feeling: mellow

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Our ROM that same wedding dinner night, in the noon …
Pictures are finally out…

Waiting outside the Registry of Marriage Room for our turny

Our helper to photographing us was – Bala

Whosh in…

d two witness, ak’s mummy & my daddy…


More of the pictures here our ROM

I’m Feeling: hereb we are

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Our Wedding Dinner Photos in all

Our Album of Our Wedding Dinner

To save at FULL resolution in Multiply, at the photo itself ( not the thumbnail), do a “” ZOOM IN”” and do your save as. This gives the full Resolution and clarity!

I’m Feeling: Wedding Night

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