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Summary Updates April May 2013

So what do we have ?

Busy at work
Busy at other work
Busy at home

2 month missing summary..

I had my renewals in April

Our family went to Bangkok and we stayed at Patunam Princess this trip but Ak Thirak and I didnt have enough time over at Bangkok, it seems. I had no idea why, I guess it was Eternal Passion thingy.

Thirak AK got me a new handphone Samsung Galaxy 4 on my birthday last month. He left the pressie right beside Snoopy on my bedside, right until when I was about to get ready for sleep, I found it.

I loved it, until now. But im super anti-starhub now, especially after today’s incident.

The office is undergoing changes.

The koi fish grew really rapidly and one fine day, decided to jump out of our pond…

That night, I had to practise my worship songs and went to the piano when I saw the poor koi struggling irs last moments.  I jumped to call Thirak to rescue the koi and it survived till now. I couldnt sleep that night… i almost cried!
Its been 2 weeks and it looked bigger and healthier.  I was, of course so duly concern, I had the surrounding pond heighten up.
And then I saw 2 new tiny fishes wriggling their way round the  pond last saturday. I was so excited. Till if it managed to survive the bigger fishes mouth.

We had church camp. We drove to malacca. Amazing time I must say.

Posts of the summaries  soon.

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I don’t have a green hand too..

On the greens at home in our balcony, the plants seem to fade on us.

It must be me because even the office plant at my workstation fades in me…


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Some memory failure moments.


I just totally had a recall failure this late morning..

I was logged out of the office system as I tried my best to match the password with my memory recall!

So after the 3rd attempt banging hard on the keyboard, the system wanted to logged me out…
Because I had banged in the wrong password!

Still wondering what it should be , hoho, I had to dial the London number in his wee hours, waking the man in his dreams, our IT man, sounding most irritated n lost..

So, when blogging this moment , he had reset my password but till now, I simply have no idea what was my previous password…

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Steller @1 Altitude

An evening at the top of “OUB”, previouly “OUB” now 1 Raffles place, with the company for a dinner.

Us at another angle

A dinner we had together, with our President, who came for a 2 day visit.

This room, we had for our dinner, i heard costs about S$15,000 during the F1 race. (don’t know how true).

The beef was good though, tasty juicy and well prepared. The service was good not to mentioned and most of all, the company in the room was fabulous.

This company, here in Singapore that is ever so closely knitted , and  that we so ever loved.

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Sometimes, you just overeat

When one gets too greedy, or when you are surrounded by lots of tasty snacks and food, (or preggy lady), you tend to over eat.

 That’s what happened to us today during lunch when we went over to Marsh for a tasty prawn noodle.

It was quite good, clear prawn noodle soup, which me and Audrey thought was much better than the one at Circular. One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

Personally, I prefer this stall better. Somehow some ingredient in the prawn noodle at Circular road doesn’t seemed to blend in my stomach, whenever I eat their prawn noodle, the stomach of mine doesn’t seemed to agree very well with it, and off to the toilet I would go after makaning their stall prawn noodle.

Back to over eating, so we took a walk to Marsh today for the prawn noodle tasting and it was good. Good for me and my stomach at least. And prawn noodle usually doesn’t fill the stomach of ours, so we had extra plate of black carrot cake to share.

And with the preggy lady around, she still wasn’t satisfied, so we hopped on to Ya Kun, for toast bread and coffee.

Within that hour, I thought I felt letargic and dozy. Just too much at a go, the whole afternoon seems blury and dreamy. I felt full before , but never so full and bloated at a go. Should have split my sessions!

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2012 Dept Lunchie

Lamb & Lee with her Ladies bento Set

And the us – Underwriting Dept except our boss Patrick ..

or else it would be complete. tsk tsk

Not a good picture. UW 2012 16 March 2012


Maybe this then. UW 2012 16 March 2012

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A Stormy view in the Morning at the Office.

its 915am  in the MORNING in the office and the sky was brightly lighted and within a 15 min NOW , it changed from what seems cloudy to black sky.

Its one of those morning you can pull up the blinds and not have the sun blazing at you while you are working.

I doubt i would like to be in the open in this weather!

@ the Office - Black Sky in the morning 938am 5 March 2012

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The office girls Christmas Lunch

Yesterday the office girls had our Christmas lunch, by us of course at Boat Quay, just a get together and a better meal than the usual, golden shoe and blah blah.

We had pasta and this linguine was one, my first time tasting a

SQUIK-INK – Linguine.

And its pretty tasty and nice, especially.

it looks like this

Squik-Ink Linguine

we had a quick one, the food was alright, but we had lots to gossip then.

it wasnt exactly a good year this year, to end the year

with, with an amount of losses around asia, especially the Thailand flood. But, still we took time and effort for little better-lunches like this at times.

Here we are.

Our little girls own Christmas Lunchie 2011


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In the NewsLetter

In the Newletter

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Tree Planting Day

At Endurance.
We had 20 trees to plant that afternoon but before our tree planting, we had our full lunch before into the fields to plant the trees.

Our Lunch Before the Tree Planting at Garden Asia

Our Meals

 alittle orientation before getting ourselves planted.
we had to change into the boots given by the warden and locked our baggies into the given lockers.

Orientation before heading into the forest

The Trail walk into the forested area for planting .. 

The walk trail into the forestHow to plant a TREE!

How to plant a tree leh?

How to plant a TREE!

After the ‘how to plant a tree”, we all had the hands on. the men were of course so much faster and better. most of us needed the assistant to help us. where got strength.. tsk tsk  

And we did it!

it20 planting wasnt easy as it look.

The weather was fantastic enough but we couldnt make it after 1.5 tree ..Trying harder

Trying harder

and we did it

It was quite fun actually

it wasnt that bad after all!

Completed Task

one more

Completed Mission

It was all fun and team building!

And finally completed walking back all tired!

Back trail

The Ladies Team

and so the trees I – co – planted

I - Co-PlantedI co-planted


I co-planted

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