Our Father, Jesus & the Holy Spirit

Our Father in Heaven, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

BaptistPress Rick Warren returns to pulpit after son’s April suicide –

How inspiring. When we thought our problems were so big so magnified, and realised they were so insignificant afterall compared to some others.

How could someone praise and loved God in a rough times like these.  How could someone speak of Him so highly n not waiver a while.

Maybe at a point they did.

We all did at some point in time in our life. I did..
I guess we did wonder if Our God was listening. If our God was with us. IF we were His children. If He ever cared. And wonders why things aint working the way we thought should be.

Maybe not our ways.

Isaiah 55:8-9

New International Version (NIV)8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,    neither are your ways my ways,”declares the Lord.9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,    so are my ways higher than your ways    and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

“His plan is bigger than the problem you’re going through, and it’s a good plan


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Purpose of creation of God

For me..

God is glorified when His nature and attributes are on display. If there were no sin, God would have no opportunity to display His justice and wrath as He punishes sin. Nor would He have the opportunity to show His grace, His mercy, and His love to undeserving creatures.

Why didn’t He just create us all and leave us in Heaven where we would be perfect and without suffering? It must be remembered that the purpose for all creation and all creatures is to glorify God.

Cannot comprehen? It took me a long long time to know this. I didn’t just understand overnight, I cant I never can unless God reveal to you or me.

Life is not a smooth sail but It must be remembered that the purpose for all creation and all creatures is to glorify God.

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Summary Updates April May 2013

So what do we have ?

Busy at work
Busy at other work
Busy at home

2 month missing summary..

I had my renewals in April

Our family went to Bangkok and we stayed at Patunam Princess this trip but Ak Thirak and I didnt have enough time over at Bangkok, it seems. I had no idea why, I guess it was Eternal Passion thingy.

Thirak AK got me a new handphone Samsung Galaxy 4 on my birthday last month. He left the pressie right beside Snoopy on my bedside, right until when I was about to get ready for sleep, I found it.

I loved it, until now. But im super anti-starhub now, especially after today’s incident.

The office is undergoing changes.

The koi fish grew really rapidly and one fine day, decided to jump out of our pond…

That night, I had to practise my worship songs and went to the piano when I saw the poor koi struggling irs last moments.  I jumped to call Thirak to rescue the koi and it survived till now. I couldnt sleep that night… i almost cried!
Its been 2 weeks and it looked bigger and healthier.  I was, of course so duly concern, I had the surrounding pond heighten up.
And then I saw 2 new tiny fishes wriggling their way round the  pond last saturday. I was so excited. Till if it managed to survive the bigger fishes mouth.

We had church camp. We drove to malacca. Amazing time I must say.

Posts of the summaries  soon.

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Just a thought i had on the 3 Aug 2011

Doesn’t it occur to you that it must be more than this?

Our minds our bodies our soul?

How much can we control ourselves, our lifes? ARE we so certain our lifes are so well control in our hands? Or there must be more than ourselves? we cannot combat our lifes, the future.

A wealthy man cannot bring his wealth to his grave. The amount of striving and grabbing on this earth , the amount of wealth, the status you have on this earth.. be a cleaner, road sweeper to a CEO, to a high flyer or a billionaire, cannot never combat sickness, illness and death. It could never changalle life, that God has given us.

It can never replace this peace and truth we have, we know.

Some people says who cares, who cares life after death. What if life after death is eternal? What if you find living on this earth is such a struggle, and if you have life after death, do you continue want your life to be a struggle or achieve to have a better life after death? what about if you have a chance to make a choice on your life?

Everybody is striving to make their lifes better on this earth.. to live comfortably, to be the riches men on earth, to be able to find peace and love… by trying to hold their lifes in their hands, many a time, not achiving to what they wanted.

So isnt it the same, that because we know that we have eternal life, that we are working build our eternal life. Because we know we have a life after that.

Nobody can see our future, not the fortune tellers nor any one.

Are we building our lifes on this earth laying treasures that we cannot bring it with us forever, or are we working towards our treasure that will be with us forever?

 may God correct me if i was wrong.


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Our Makan Fellowship

So finally we had our CUrry Chicken Fellowship dinner over at our house on the 3rd Dec.

Thirak AK & Momma started the chopping scrapping and what’s-not on the 2nd dec evening, preparing the ingredients ready for the next day.

On Saturday morning, we woke early for breakfast at the market. And Thirak AK went about with his marketing.

One of the main items was of course CHICKEN. There was a stall with ready NON_FROZEN chicken, all laid out on the stall display table, and he wanted to get those.  So he asked for the price, the lady said one chicken was S$8 across the board.

So Thirak AK said he wanted 2 and chose a bigger chicken. After the choppings, the lady wanted to charge Thirak AK S$17! isnt one for S$8? no the lady said because it was a bigger chicken, it would be S$17 for 2.

But that wasnt the price she initial said.. it was across the board. regardless of the chicken we chose.

She wasnt exactly very honest then. And it wasnt our first encounter with this stall with dishonesty, I guess.

So we learnt something that day with this stall’s honesty.

Thirak AK tried out the Ngoh Hiang with the Airfryer, but it didnt worked out quite nicely, so he ended up with the old style frying.

And of course, his major specialty Curry Chicken, with some side dishes lala, crocodile meat, prawns.

it was a good time overall!


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Our Adventure Bangkok Trip 2011

I remembered when we came back from Taiwan, we were monitoring the flood in Bangkok very closely, even until the last min upon departure to Bangkok. So much so that I checked on the travel insurance policy if cancellation is allowed. More to because I was more concern on my parents, should there be any flood, it would be more difficult for them to make a quicker escape.

Airline couldn’t cancel the flight but can only postpone to 1 week later. We all wanted to go! Yet, didn’t know how the flood was over at central bangkok, or if there wasn’t one now, probably can we get back to the airport ?

We decided to make a dash!

That night, before the departure,  I couldn’t sleep because I was tossing and turning and hoping, inside me, that probably the govt would placed a state of emergency, and bravo, we would not need to go. Yet I wanted to make a chance and go as well. So confusing.. so I keep disturbing God and asking for His direction and protection. I said I leave all to His hands, for He knows best, but the next hour, I was there thinking about it again, then I rememberd the situation was in His hands. So I left all to God.  

When we reached there, the cars near the airport was all parked at the side of the highway, the sun was beaming loud and clear and it was clearly humid and sunny!

No signs of water anywhere.

When we reached Grand Diamond, we didn’t see any drop of water except the sun, ready to explode on our SKIN!.

Looks like my tossing and turning was seriously unfound.

So we settled in our hotel suite rooms, and started our Bangkok tripy.

in our Grand Diamond Room

We shot to Chak Chu Chak straight. No time wasted. but because we went on 2 taxis, we took a while to locate each other.

Had our authetic thai lunch over chak chuchak and split into our shopping groups. Of course the shopping was fabulous, the things was amazing and without the loud Sun happily burning us, i guess we could actually spend the whole day inside.

at ChakchuChak

Unfortnately, i was the first to give up after 4 hours. The humility, the heat and i kinda got short of breath!
Anyway, our hands were full, AK thirak’s haversack was heavy with my shopping goodies, both of us left for back to the hotel and rest.
I was half expecting the oldies to be back in the hotel room, but they were stronger than me, they were still chakchuchaking 1/2 hour more than me.
First night into the Chinatown seafood as usual .. and we took a long walk down the Chinatown lanes.

ChinaTown Seafood

One of the drinks that left me a deepest impression was this promenade drink. Juiced by a hand squeexer, selling at about 80bath. it was so delicious!

Promenade drink

It was lots of wholesale shopping the next few days, of course.
Another impression left was the sandbags you see everywhere in bangkok shop entrances, some were placing cement blocking their entrances. 

Sandbags at Platinum

Central World. Thirak trying to be funny and realised later he was standing wrong position. when we wanted to retake, the water was off!

At Central World

 WorldAnother good for me was this xxxx seafood. I would personally prefer this place than the chinatown seafood.This is good ambience perfect and not rushing.Yet the food is tasty and its SEAFOOD! reasonable!

at the xxxxx seadfood

amazing! it all started with Grand diamond outside stalls. We were browsing when the bag owners brought us up to the shopping mall and offered to open his shop for us to see more bags.
The mall was actually CLOSED already!
Then next few doors apart, the men saw their clothes and the owner of the men shop opened the ladies shop for us to shop. The wife who was with him, open another shop for us to shop.
So we spend our time in these little shops trying to at least find a piece or two to buy. and chatting out with them.
Superb nice Thai people. Something, i guess we will remember for a while!

making out with the shop owners

Throughout the makaning and shopping, we clearly did forgot about the flood issues, except when we were back in the hotel rooms with the TV news on, we do see the critical flood issues reporting !
but in our naked eye, we see no water or large clouds or rain around our area.
God is good. He has lead our in the decision, definately.
On the last  day on the way to the airport, we received a sms from the singapore embassy to consider leaving Bangkok. Of course, we were on the way. what we heard from the news was the weekend would see a large current therefore the flood would be possibly flowing into the capital.

Text we rec'd on our last day in Bangkok almost reaching the Airport!

Heading back home

If i would had waited another week, we would definately have to cancel this trip. 
If i did use my own strength and vision, I would definately cancel this trip, because i have already called HELEN!
I was upon the verge of cancelling the trip day before departure, then of course, when i left it to God’s hands, which i should have earlier, I know He would see the best way for us.
And He did.
Having so much worries that Bangkok might flood any moment, every morning, we do our checks on the ground.
it was so dry, yet you tend to have the flood at the back of the mind, asking the LORD everyday for His protection!
right into the Singapore Airport, 2 trolleys having our numerous luggages that were stacked on top of each other!
when we were standing with the heavy trolleys at the travellor going downwards, one of the heavy bags fell and laid behind me. before i could pick it up, my trolley turn side ways, when i reached the bottom and all the bags collasp!
very quickly, momma aunties started to fall who were behind me. i was pulled out of the travellor with the bags, but because the bag that fell behind, one of the ribbon got caught in btween the travellor! it got stucked there, so the aunties and momma fell with more luggages behind collasping on them.
i was very worred for Daddy… a lot of people were shouting ! STOP the travellor STOP !
how to stop i was shocked.
Thank God for a man that knew where the button was and stopped it.
Daddy was still standing upright fine and steady whereas, the ladies were being pulled up by helpers and Thirak!
it was amazingly God’s protection, that no harmed on inflicted.
Thank you Lord!
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When wrongs makes right

We were at Momma’s Workplace the Saturday for a full lunch because Thirak was off.

It wasn’t more than 5 mins that we settled down at the coffee house, that the waitress was holding a tilted tray with glasses of water, trying to place a glass at my side but slided the glasses on the tilted tray towards Thirakdarling, pouring him with water. Thank God it was just plain water.

So panicky was the chinese waitress, however, we went straight to Momma’s housekeeping office to dry the shirt of Thirakdarling, when we realised there wasn’t an extra clothing/shirt for customers to change to,  in the coffeehouse.

When we ask the waitress“ do you have an extra piece of clothing” to change while we dry the shirt.. the staff at the coffeehouse replied “no’, and just STOOD plainly staring back at us, looking equally lost.

I would expect for the staff at the coffeehouse at a HOTEL to offer a solution to the problem, but they simply stood on the floor looking lost answering no extra shirt and kept apologising. What if it was coffee or some other liquid than water?

The only solution offered was NOT from the coffeehouse manager or the staff but from the housekeeping side instead.

Momma brought us up to the office, have Thirak wrap in towel while her staff went to dry the shirt instead…

of course i was little pissed that we had to waste time cleaning up. Then again, we got to know momma’s staff.

Thirak at the housekeeping dept wrapped up

It was done in less than half an hour and we were back to the coffeehouse having our buffet teochew porridge lunch, with some ala carte food.

Somehow, the cook or GM got wind of the issue and ThirakDarling got a free lunch on his lunch ONLY and we were given, each a durian pudding, complimentary from the cook.

They said it was good. It was really good.

Durian Pudding

And a complimentary stir fried duck nonya style right after we finished our main course. The dish was fantastic but because we were simply too filled for more intake.

Nonya Baba Duck

Just yesterday, we were at a Japanese restaurant for dinner and we ordered our food individually.

Somehow, there was a miscommunication between the waiter and Momma.  She pointed at the scallops in the menu when she was ordering and the waiter assume she wanted the set menu from the page.

SO, when the set food came, we were overwhelmed. The set consists of in additional, a large salmon grilled, extra chawamushi, some side dishes and a bowl of rice, instead of what we thought,  the 2 scallops.

After trashing out with the waiter, we decided to absorb the set food. After all, it wasnt clear when Momma just pointed at the scallops. The scallops was part of the set food and not ala carte in the menu when she pointed to the waiter. Of course, there was a miscommunication.

With the set food in, we had definately overordered.

So we had lots in additional.

We tried quickly to cancel some of the other orders that werent served yet, but it was too late. We had ordered eariler a  grilled fish.  So we wanted to cancel this grilled fish the moment we realised the set was served, but it was too late. It came right after the set food was served.

So we had to absorb it.

Before we end the meal, the waiter that misunderstood Momma came and said the grilled fish would be waived. He explained it was his fault and the manager would waive the grilled fish for us. So, we just need to pay for the set only.

It wasn’t totally his fault, so Momma and I said its ok, we would pay everything, but he insist. So we had a grilled fish complimentary.


Just like if you turned the complimentaries to our life events.. I guess sometimes, ‘bad’ things aint exactly a very bad thing, it looks like it turn out well after all. Its just during that point of moment, we couldn’t see the outcome, and we start to feel frustrated and fret over it.

So it reminded me of myself with the Lord at times. Sometime He allows the “wrong” things to happen to allow good things to come out of it. Its just that sometimes, during in the situation, you tend not to see it, because our eyes are not open yet. These I learnt from our Lord.

And we know that we really need His grace & mercy and  to walk in fear and obedience of His words , this I learnt!

Matthew 6

25“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his lifeb?
I’m Feeling: Wrongs makes right

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A Poem about US – Sinners

I was shocked, confused, bewildered 
As I entered Heaven’s door, 
Not by the beauty of it all, 
Nor the lights or its decor. 

But it was the folks in Heaven 
Who made me sputter and gasp– 
The thieves, the liars, the sinners, 
The alcoholics and the trash. 

There stood the kid from seventh grade 
Who swiped my lunch money twice. 
Next to him was my old neighbor 
Who never said anything nice. 

Herb, who I always thought 
Was rotting away in hell, 
Was sitting pretty on cloud nine, 
Looking incredibly well. 

I nudged Jesus, ‘What’s the deal? 
I would love to hear Your take. 
How’d all these sinners get up here? 
God must’ve made a mistake. 

‘And why is everyone so quiet, 
So somber – give me a clue.’ 
‘Hush, child,’ He said, ‘they’re all in shock. 
No one thought they’d be seeing you.’ 


Remember… Just going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car. 

Every saint has a PAST… 
Every sinner has a FUTURE! 

by Anonymous

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On Father’s day

On Father’s day,

We didnt create much deal with the day, we started our day in church, where the piano stand failed again, and dropped the keyboard the 2nd time.

so frightful already i was, during which i was half expecting the keyboard to fall on me every time i was playing during the worship for the last few weeks, thank God, it dropped right before the service started.

So Thirak AK and Daniel,  tightened the screws at the joints, the stand worked out fine when i was playing during the worship yesterday.

Thank God.

It was Father’s Day and the Fathers all received a litte gesture from SOLF.

Daddy n his present

N Daniel who wanted his picture taken with Pastor Chew’s present

N Daniel who wanted his picture taken with Pastor Chew's present


So the Thirakdarling AK decided to furthur improvise the double stand, (Instead of going back to Swee Lee to do a little complaint), instead, he brought back the keyboard stand to IMPROVISE THE STAND, so i wouldnt be frightful during the piano playing during the sundays…

He went to the hardware stall, got some chains and ‘whatever’ and started drilling …

ThirakDarling fixing the keyboard stand at home

Thirakdarling testing on the keyboard stand.. after improvising with more locks!

so scary, but it looks quite able and strong to hold the keyboard, at least, since it can hold his weight hahaha.

 Well, it looks good.

and the evening, we had a gathering at old airport kallang hawker centre. it was a order too much , the food was not good at all, maybe we ordered from the wrong stalls, but our thinking i guess was, most of the hawkers there would be good, since it was authetic hawker leh.. but the food was disappointing, most of the food actually, but the company was good.

The first snap shot

The 2nd snap shot

Gossping and trying to make merry .. Well at least our company was fantastic…

I’m Feeling: Happy Dad’s Day!

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Ak’s water baptism

While we been busy messing about during my leaves, one of the event we had was the ThirakDarling had his water baptism on my birthday.

Some miracles that are simply not explainable in words, but through the experience and grace of God, we have seen and felt Our Father.. Who is so true and gracious ..

and as we are all still learning…

WIth the parents and the Godparents and our pastor and wife

Us that were at ThirakDarling's water baptismAfter the water baptism


The water baptismThe water baptismAfter the water baptism

The water baptismAfter the water baptism

Down at Jumbo for our lunch and celebration

It was mango cake

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