our outings withing Singapore, prawning at ponds, fishing at forested areas…

I got sunburn during this weekie

The weekend went on well, we didn’t have super planning but it was just enough for me, enough of sleep and resting and getting excited over our too-many-games in the computer with thi-rak ak together.
Saturday we had a party over at Uncle Steven’s for his birthday with nice makaning buffet with the drizzle droplets of water from the sky initially. We had slow Macallan in the garden and we left early.

i got sun burn from yesterday’s fishing at Pasir Ris with thi-Rak Ak & Benji right after churchy. I felt the heat but was under shade and didn’t have any direct contact with the sun.
when we returned home in the evening, i felt my face stretched and pulled when i smiled and it was getting painy to smile. we were all red from the day sun.
Tsk tsk

the large fish they caught cooked at 156.

I’m Feeling: .tsk tsk.

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My another off day @ Prawn Pond

When we thought we had no plans for the Spore National day weekend, which had me 4 days of holiday, it was worst than no plans.

We had last minute drinking session,
Almost ALL 3 days night, i think,
So scary.

My another off day yesterday, we went to Jurong for prawning. Not me, botak and thi-rak AK while I was msn-ing the Yeng.

Amazing, the whole prawn pond was only thi-rak AK and botak prawning.
By evening the crowd came in but we left soon, to feel so tired and lazy.

I’m Feeling: haha

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Our New Year in the Chalet

We had the chalet for a mere 5 days
2 nights we stayed and used the place for 3 days
1 night of invitation to the GUESTS

i was so busy no time to snap pictures..

the day before, the darling ak and mummy went shopping and gotten the dry stuff.
We went Giant the next day, the CROWD was WOW!
Like Giant was having sale, ITS was superb crowded especially at the wet market section.
I’m already so small, i had to squeeze myself through every edge, imagine the bigger people.

The queue for payment,. worst! Anyhow we got through with all sorts of meat and household items,

this is the hall , facing the sea

Mummy came together and helped us marinate
the meat!the balcony facing the sea

in the nightour pre launch drinking and bbqing on the 1st night till 3am

2nd night of bbqing for our guests, my aunties

uncles, yeng yeng, 156 people,… and the darling AK’s
I DIDNT snap pictures caused i was with busy preparing
the food or
busy drinking and eating!
because the 1st night we had eaten quite a bit,
we went to Yishun market for more Pork and prawns
and in search for
everywhere was no sign of live crabs,
search and find and go sheng siong,
in the end, the AK managed to locate the live crabs
in Chong Pang!
12 of them, LIVE and black.
TONS of food. in fact TONS of meat!
chivas . chi-ba. is the ultimate killer.

I’m Feeling: quite fun for a change

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AK overstrain himself

when i didnt join darling AK and benji in the fishing trip, they seemed to catch numerous.

Last night they came home with
15 flower small crabs
15 prawns
3 fishes
1 Grouper

and because it was getting towards the mid night, we rushed to Ah Chai to get the live stuff cooked for our stomach.

then, darling AK and benji body started to a ache and ache, over strain cast net.

Check out his walking.

I’m Feeling: tsk tsk

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caught a Big Fish at Lim Chu Kang

This was supposed to be last week’s post which i totally forgotten
and also too tired by the time i reached home every day after work

Last Sunday over at Lim Chu Kang, all wet and muddy, me the darling ak and benji struggled the way through the fields stain with our foot prints to do their hobby fishing.
It rained several times but still it was acceptable.

This is the fish darling ak caught

at this LIm CHu Kang
and we had it at 156 . IT WAS GOOD. we had it with the aunties.

I’m Feeling: at kampong

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We watched 2 Movies in both weekends.

I don’t know why the usb connected to the computer here isn’t loading the pictures in.
Its damn because I was hopping to load some pictures in my busy moment to distress especially during the luncheon time.

So I guess I would have to do it at home.
Hopefully the bed doesn’t drag me to lay on it when I reached the room…

Apart from cheonging at Si-bai Sibai on Friday after the darling AK’s cousin wedding at Holiday Inn, (to post later)

We did nothing practically over at the weekend.
While Mummy is trying to rest over in her medical leave for 2 over weeks at home, the television set in her room chosen to break down and go COLD and blackie on her and Daddy.

A blank screen in your bedroom when you depend on it, during your relaxation to tame you to sleep, to distress your mind and boredom, even when you don’t actually watch the programmes, having the television on is a must, accompanying you when you are in the room…. or just listening to the news over the television….

Screaming “bored”, bored and bored apart from sleeping, the parents requested to watch movies at Yishun 10 ….

and we did for 2 days

For 2 days, we went to Yishun 10 and Northpoint to have our dinner cum watch movie movie.

We went northpoint had the northern Indian food, Mummy ? nothing nibble of little rice and steam beef!
And we shopped around little and wow, caught hold of a japaneses FOOD COURT over at the new NORTHPOINT!

It cute. So typical of Japanese style, the food court sells all Japanese food.


I’m okay with the movie, realistic and a little fearing over the rabbis infected people.
All started from a cult type of people using the rabbies in doggies to powered up the rabbies and to spread it rapidly faster than normal;

I WOULD BE very terrified in a quarantine house full of infected rabbies people.

The next day, again, we went to the NEW northpoint this time to have the JAPANESE food the JAPANESE food court.
IT WAS ok not too bad, cheap and you get all kinds of Japanese food.
Don’t expect something super fantastic, after all, it’s a food court but I think I liked the environment!

Body of lies

From the start until now, I still have no clue what the ongoing movie was talkinga bout except little clues of maybe some undercover or CIDs trying to uncover terriorist activites.
But the main story… I don’t know

I’m Feeling: i had fun though

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Singapore Flyer

Because the Mummy bought the special discount ticket, the booking had to done over the telephone! and she bought the tickets a few months ago.
Until we realised the expiry was end of this month, we delayed this outing till yesterday.
Then again, when we arrived at the Flyer, it wasn’t that crowded.
Last evening over at the Singapore Flyer,
our SUNDAY evening :-
at the carpark, across the bridge towards the flyer .
This the darling AK!
Candies hanging .. its this for Christmas or for the Flyer?

Hey there were the decorations on the tree. (me first time there .. LOL)

Blah! i managed to catch them before entering. Nearly cannot enter hor

i didn’t know, the cabin was non-stopping,

so we have to be quick to step inside the cabin

INSIDE. still at the low ground

The Family. almost 15 of everyone in the cabin,
I can’t imagine a total of 25. Must be really squeezing.
the number of us inside was just right for us to run round the cabin and snap pictures.

Marina Bay under construction

Nice like Lego

tourist is it. almost towards the end of the almost half hour spin,

the last 15 mins we all got bored already. ( or rather me)

mummy’s candid shot

me and darling AK

the shape of the Flyer.

this is the IR resort MODELS

we looking at the models

we are into the pirate’s Garden




But the Garden name is Yakult Rainforest Discovery…

THIS LIME juice Mummy’s holding is superb-ly thirst quenching…

S$4 per bottle!
i still dun understand the theme of the Garden.

Rainforest plus skeletons, RIP, all the halloween stuff!

oh oh !?! is it for the last month’s halloween?

can u see 3 persons using

camera taking photos?

the ak and the serena behind posing..

then, we saw lots of people carrying CLUB21 shopping baggies,

like a lot of stuff to buy, so i got inspiration in my mind to grab all branded stuff

from CLUB 21 bazaar!

Unfortunately, the clothes were all messed up with no quality average material.

it was scattered all over hung in no alphabetical order.

In short, its ALL IN A HUGE MESS!







If you have the patience, you just have stood at a station to slowly peel the pile of clothes


check if probably you could be lucky to ‘bull’s eye’ a good material

branded piece underneath! ( i dun have the patience!)

THEN i wonder how those people managed to grab so many bags.

the PAYING queue…………………… “””faint””””

so we left the huge mess alone!

and went to 7th storey restaurant before the month end closing

the restaurant was packed with mostly – steamboaters.

The hotel was of course, already shut down!

NOPE we didn’t have steamboat! we had their speciality!

PORK! CHOP! …… (ADeline??)

SOON HOCK S$63 …..900g

Malimite or MARIMITE or whatever prawns.


FOOD was good. Super good because i was so damn hungry already!

and so the outing last a few good hours with full stomach back home!

NOW if people ask “” have you been to SIngapore Flyer””

yeah i have been.

Maybe when all the buildings and IR and Marine Bay’s work has been completed,

i would go another round for a look.

more Photos here November 2008

I’m Feeling: fun

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My Lazy Monday in the Office

Hippy its Monday is tiredness and blues.
I felt I floated all the way to office, Zzzz monster stayed with me the whole weekend.
Plus, I slept late.

Or maybe
Last evening we gathered to the Hotspring for leg massage and soaking till we had drips all falling from the foreheads and bursting sweats from our glands.
It was good.

Work today was still relazing, good. We just witness a plane floating nearby us going in slow circles for a while, and we wondered if it was going to crash on us for a moment.
Finally it detoured it’s circle and off it went somewhere else to did its circling.

I’m Feeling: Relax

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AK netted about 69 prawns

The saturday over at the weekend, the AK and I got frightened by the night’s frenzie of liquor and beer that he suggested going for his favourite to please himself.
Cast the net for prawns.

Ak looks like he is going for a dive:-

The weather was threathening and it was rather bright when we started at 645pm..


Lots of tiny baby fishes that the AK wasn’t quite wanted.

the aim was lots of prawns.

benji fishing while the AK was casting net for more prawns as the night appears.

in total, the AK caught about 69 prawns and needless to say,

to AH CHAI to cook for us.

2 styles, herbal fresh prawns soup and steam prawnie.

mummy and daddy joined us in the prawn feast.

Still it was quite a lot for us.

this is the other style steam prawnie.

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our noon at Serangoon

we didnt do much this saturday,

Our appt with the family had us woken up as late as 1030am and rushed quickly to serangoon gardens for our branch!
Our initial plan of having a good laksa was dashed when the coffeeshop with the good laksa has closed for renovation, no to mention, the rain dashed plan2 where we intended for a swim in the country club.
Nevertheless, we settled for Kuay Chap at the hawker with various food and headed for the bowling alley in the club.
Only me and the AK bowled, 2 games each.
That was really about this afternoon!

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