On Father’s day

On Father’s day,

We didnt create much deal with the day, we started our day in church, where the piano stand failed again, and dropped the keyboard the 2nd time.

so frightful already i was, during which i was half expecting the keyboard to fall on me every time i was playing during the worship for the last few weeks, thank God, it dropped right before the service started.

So Thirak AK and Daniel,  tightened the screws at the joints, the stand worked out fine when i was playing during the worship yesterday.

Thank God.

It was Father’s Day and the Fathers all received a litte gesture from SOLF.

Daddy n his present

N Daniel who wanted his picture taken with Pastor Chew’s present

N Daniel who wanted his picture taken with Pastor Chew's present


So the Thirakdarling AK decided to furthur improvise the double stand, (Instead of going back to Swee Lee to do a little complaint), instead, he brought back the keyboard stand to IMPROVISE THE STAND, so i wouldnt be frightful during the piano playing during the sundays…

He went to the hardware stall, got some chains and ‘whatever’ and started drilling …

ThirakDarling fixing the keyboard stand at home

Thirakdarling testing on the keyboard stand.. after improvising with more locks!

so scary, but it looks quite able and strong to hold the keyboard, at least, since it can hold his weight hahaha.

 Well, it looks good.

and the evening, we had a gathering at old airport kallang hawker centre. it was a order too much , the food was not good at all, maybe we ordered from the wrong stalls, but our thinking i guess was, most of the hawkers there would be good, since it was authetic hawker leh.. but the food was disappointing, most of the food actually, but the company was good.

The first snap shot

The 2nd snap shot

Gossping and trying to make merry .. Well at least our company was fantastic…

I’m Feeling: Happy Dad’s Day!

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Lunch trip to rangoon road

Another night of sleep and awoke and while trying to get back to sleep, fed up this evening when the computer got sicker and sicker, soon I be delivering the machine to the doctor, so bad till it swallowed up a cd I was trying to burn. Tsk tsk.
Just last noon, ms see arrange a lunch trip to Rangoon road for the bak kut teh. Me , ms see, Quek, leeting, our favourite Aunty Nancy n maymay. It was a hot noon, nope, I didn’t eat the bak kut or any pig parts but I had a large bowl of rice, vegetables and mushroom n some of maymay’s soup! The soup was good enough!

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the Goodness of IODINE

as usual, I CAN”T Believe it, my itchy fingers moving the mousey, click here and there, fiddle-ing with the theme of wordpress, and
BRAVO, i erase all my widgets that i had painfully inserted during the last months at the side bar.
it’s late and i fixed it right the moment i have the time during the weekend, long weekend.
while this weekend is a good lengthly one, last weekend, i was doing my housecleaning, as usual on the saturday,
and was as usual, because of my too fussy and too in depth cleaning, worked from 11.30am, to a 5pm.
while in that process, i was washing the KITCHEN when i noticed the aluminium (the cabin where you placed your plates immediately after you washed to dry it, what you called that?), its the drying rack above the kitchen sink, the aluminium was alittle rusty already, so i dropped my washing of the floor and went to scrub the rust off. while i was scrubing the rack, that consist of alternate aluminimum strips with holes in between, my flesh of my finger got caught quickly and cut the flesh of my tini finger.
weee, all the blood rushed out.
i thought was a cut so wrapped a handy and continued my work in the house until in the evening, eeee, when i unwrapped the handy, the skin + a tini flesh is dangling almost to drop-off.

a deep pit i could see when i lift the tini flesh off. HOHO.
it wasn’t until last NIGHT when daddy introduced the IODINE to me.
it not only glued the tini flesh back to the deep pit, I could even type happily liao.

meanwhile, back to weekend to redo my sidebar theme.
tsk tsk.

I’m Feeling: cant stand myself

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Playing with my phone when i cant sleep

หคพะ 我不能睡 so was playing with my phone to find out that they have thai words too! Amazing, ok i am a little slow caused i didnt really checked the phone out! N still i cant get to sleep at this time! My mind twirl n twirl!。

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Wot have i done?

I was just helping daddy getting his ringing tones when the Internet went down on me . Everything looks connected but the Internet on a friday night on me. Gosh . Just nice daddy got the iPhone for me just other day but still, thirak”s and my cafe petville is wAsted. Tsk tsk gee wat have I done ?

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I Wanna iPad ………………….


I want the iPAD!

I’m so keen on the iPad. It has more than what I expected!

So I was surfing to see the launch dates in singapore, else then I came across “ways to get the iPad before the launch in singapore” and I got this :((((

And I nearly fainted

it says:
“”””” Here are 4 options for you on how to buy the iPad in Singapore before its official launch:
(Please note these are “work around solutions” which might work out or not, think twice before ordering)
1. Fly to the US
2. 2. Ask a friend in the US to send it to Singapore
3. 3. Order on the Singapore Black Market
4. 4. Order via an international shipping service

What a joke

But still I will wait for the 2nd launch of the iPad in Singapore.

16GB – No 3G / With 3G
32GB – No 3G / With 3G
64GB – No 3G / With 3G

Price is estimated @

• Price of iPad 16GB in Singapore (est.): 729 S$ (No 3G) / 899 S$ (with 3G)
• Price of iPad 32GB in Singapore (est.): 869 S$ (No 3G) / 1049 S$ (with 3G)
• Price of iPad 64GB in Singapore (est.): 999 S$ (No 3G) / 1199 S$ (with 3G)

• Estimated Shipping date of iPad (no 3G) in Singapore: Mid May 2010
• Estimated Shipping date of iPad (with 3G) in Singapore: Open – Late 2010


iPad will also be available in a 3G model with superfast data speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.3 So if you’re traveling or you happen to be somewhere without a Wi-Fi network, you can still get a fast connection for surfing the web, downloading email, or getting directions

With built-in 802.11n, iPad takes advantage of the fastest Wi-Fi networks. It automatically locates available Wi-Fi networks, which you can join with a few taps. iPad also comes with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, letting you connect to devices like wireless headphones or the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life

I’m Feeling: …iPad..

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Internet is Vulnerable

I’m Feeling: …..

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N97 – public

this phone looks so good

then again, nokia always hung on me

then again, nokia first batch has buggssss ……..

I’m Feeling: tempted

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Daddy’s new toy

Daddy has gotten into the IT world recently and ever since the encounter with the IPOD, he went fanatical over the computer and music.
So it wasn’t long at yesterday evening he went to purchase another new set of HP in riding of the old set sitting in the hall!

The night had the AK Daddy and me busy with Daddy’s large toy right after the American Idol Final 9 with Dolly Parton!!

I think i got my final 2 idols..

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